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Why doesn't anyone care what I'm playing this weekend?

Posted by MildObstruction, 22 November 2013 · 684 views

It's lunchtime and no one has asked me yet! Hopefully someone will take care of this grievous oversight soon. I started thinking it wasn't Friday and that I still had more days of work to battle through this week and I was despondent.

Tearaway and all things PS4 is the answer. That's what I'll be playing this weekend. And Amy :ps3:. Because Fuck you, that's why.

It's my birthday today so tonight going with my family to dinner and tomorrow friends coming over for some drinking and beer games.  Between that I'm hoping to get in a little bit of time with Amy :ps3:


Just beat Amy :ps3: earlier in the week and also hoping to get through some of my XBLA backlog starting with Amy :ps3: and Amy :ps3:.


Also wrapped up Amy :ps3: last night and was a little disappointed.


AMY :ps3: !!!!!!

I hope Octodad is included in your all things PS4, Pete.  I played it for the first time at a Best Buy PS4 kiosk the other night, and it will be the first game I purchase whenever I eventually get around to picking up a PS4 myself.  Your avatar makes me think you must be a fan of it as well.


I just finished setting up my sparkling new XBox One, and I'm about to go put it through it's paces with some Dead Rising 3 and NBA 2K14.  I am hoping to spend a lot of time playing those in the near future because I'm on vacation now until December 3rd.  Good times.

I'm hoping to get in some time for Resident Evil 4 HD and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I still have Arkham Origins Blackgate that I have yet to play, so I'm probably going to dig into that too. 


Can't wait for December. I'm on vacation and I'll finally have time to tear into my backlog, big time.

I have a strong urge to play Lost Odyssey again so I may do that. I'm just about done with Pokemon X/Y. My pokedex is approaching the 550 mark and I've got about 12 level 100 Pokemon so I dunno how much more I can actually do. I'll probably mix in some WoW and LFR to try to get some more stuff for my legendary cloak. 

Ace Attorney 5... like I'd been planning to last weekend, but I got no sleep + started up ClaDun x2 instead.

Oh, and more ClaDun x2; I think I'm near the end of that now.

I think I will start up Pixeljunk Monsters (Steam), and perhaps Skulls of the Shogun. I also have yet to finish Dead Space so I should probably get back to that (i'm on chapter 10/12).


Otherwise I may hop back into inFamous 2 and do my evil playthrough, though I'm rather mad that I messed up my good playthrough and locked out one of the side missions, so it will take three playthroughs to plat >.>

@GhostShark, Lost Odyssey is a good game and I think one of the few Jrpgs this gen which I played about 80 hours (side quests and too much grinding). I might try to play another jrpg on xbox 360 too.


This weekend, I am finishing GOW 3 (PS3) and try to finish El Shaddai (PS3). I am playing Gravity Rush (PS Vita) and possibly will get further in GOW: Judgement (Xbox 360) as I received from Gamefly this week. Other than that, I need to get car work done and to do some shopping.

@tylerh1701 happy birthday! are you drunk already?

@Danimal Octodad, so much hype. I can't even stand it, but no PS4 release until after the new year. day one for sure, that demo is fantastic. I hope everyone with their X1s has some fun with them - I'd love to play DR3 and KI, but I'm quite content with Resogun and Injustice on PS4. For now.

@MrNinjaSquirrel Does Dead Space pick up by then? I think I just did the asteroid shooting thing (that can't possibly be a spoiler?) and I feel like the game hasn't gone anywhere yet. I also take 3-4 month breaks between chapters so that probably doesn't help.

Monster Hunter Ultimate and FF7 for me this weekend.   My son will be out of luck.  Dad is using the 3ds and the Vita all weekend!.

I'll be playing Assassin's Creed 4 on my Playstation 4. I'm on Sequence 9, so I may very well finish it this weekend.

My god your plowing through a amazing game ^ take your time playing it.



For this weekend i'm going to play Dante's Inferno and Mirror's Edge, and if i find sometime i'm going put some work into AC3. Even though i hate the game so much, i just want to experience to see Desmond die. I always hated that guy, he was a horrible present day protagonist 

Well, I have been planning on finishing Dead Space for more than a month. But I will be Starting/Finishing TMNT (2007) and posting it on ebay to get my money back before Christmas. Really need to finish The Bourne Supremacy so I can add it to the Lowball starting next week. 


Yes, I am partying like its 2008 this weekend. Just need some tunes to go with it now...