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A 3DS Update

Posted by RKasa, 19 July 2013 · 1377 views

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(Crossposted from Tsuki-Board, though my entry there is much longer; this is just the second half of it, since the first part's not gaming-related.)

Back in August, I blogged about my new 3DS XL and all the accessories I'd gotten for it. Unfortunately, once I'd turned on my XL for the first time, I noticed a dead pixel or two and promptly put in a repair request with Nintendo. It was shipped to an authorized service center and sent back in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately, the unit I got back was in even worse condition than the one I'd sent out: it had even more dead pixels, a mysterious white line on the touchscreen, and a scratch on the bottom part of the outer case. Of course, I hadn't been expecting to get the same exact unit back, but this was ridiculous. I contacted Nintendo again. This time, the shipping label I got indicated that I would be sending my XL to Nintendo themselves, which was an encouraging sign. The XL I got back had a little bit of ballpoint pen ink on the d-pad (which was later easily erased with a little Gundam Marker Remover), but was perfect otherwise.

Satisfied, I put the black decals on by the controls and a few other spots (I had bought a couple additional sets since the first one had to be removed from my original deal pixel'd XL, and had stretched out in the process), as well as the screen protectors. I love Hori's new application process for the protectors; they were fairly easy to put on, and there weren't many bubbles to squeeze out afterward.

Next up was the Hori Yawakata cover, and here's where I started running into problems. Its fit was so snug that I had to remove the decals I'd put on the black parts of the outside of the XL, and it made the one near the d-pad and slide pad ride up a little. Still, I got it on and... oh wait...

3DS XL 01

...now the XL won't fit on the charging cradle D: Still, it holds my charging cord in place when I'm not using it, and it's still a place to put my XL, so that's something, right? XD

In the midst of all this, I noticed that the larger SD card I'd gotten was flaking out, so I contacted SanDisk about a repair/replacement. I'm happy to report that the new card works fine, and I didn't have to contact them a second time.

And... I got another 3DS accessory: Cyber Gadget's slide pad covers, which come in sets of six and only AmiAmi seems to sell. At the time, I had just bought Mario Kart 7, and didn't want the slide pad wearing out from all that racing. The covers aren't perfect, but they do the job, and I do recommend them. You can see one of them on the slide pad here:

3DS XL 02

Speaking of Mario Kart 7, that was the first 3DS game I ended up beating. As for Etrian Odyssey IV, I just recently started the Fifth Maze, so I hope to be done with that soon(ish).

I've also gotten some other 3DS games, most recently Shin Megami Tensei IV, which, again, I had to send back for a replacement, since Amazon likes to send these box sets in padded envelopes for some reason...

However, despite all those headaches, I'm loving my XL :P

For just a little bit, I thought you were Slidecage with an even temper and used proper grammar and punctuation.

You seriously compared me to slidecage? D:

I wish the charging cradle was cheaper. I feel like I over payed. I like having it though. I gave up on all the screen protectors and what not at this point. Most 3DS games don't use the touch screen the way the DS used to. I just got a case and that's it. I like having just the plain system in my hands when it's out of the case.

I just have a regular 3DS but after seeing my buddies XL, well I'm gonna need one of those when the new Zelda drops.