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2017 - The Year of the Backlog.

Posted by Cloyd, in 2017, Video Games, Backlog, RPG 01 February 2017 · 2961 views

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, but this is cheapassgamer, we all have an addiction. To most of us, it's collecting more games than we'll ever play and beat. I fully admit that I enjoy seeing my games sit collectively on a shelf. Sometimes I'll simply survey their spines like I'm standing in some turn of the century aged library, gazing upon the leather bound collections of Whitman, Melville, and Poe. Many things can come into ones life to derail what they considered to be their normal routine. Mine happens to be the genetic type. This June I will welcome a son into this world and while this won't mean my gaming will stop, it does mean I won't be purchasing many games for some time. To be honest, my wallet will benefit from my purchasing delay. No doubt will the likes of Tales of Beseria, Fate/Extella, and Digimon World dip in price considerably before I am able to buy them. With the exception of Trails in the Sky 3rd, nothing has really peaked my interest. Not saying they won't be fantastic games, just not something I have to grab Day 1. I don't quite feel the pull to buy a Limited, or a Collector's Edition as I used to. My game purchases will be replaced with baby related items for my son. Husband, and father first, game nerd second.


With my focus directed to the games of latter years I can arrange them into a conquest line. The year started with the completion of Final Fantasy XV. It's my first beaten game of 2017 as well as my first Platinum of 2017. I quite enjoyed the game, and look forward to the DLCs. Having played and platinumed Trails of Cold Steel I, and II, FFVX's fetch, and kill quests didn't grate on me as it may have if I played something else. The hardest part will be choosing which games to play, and in what order. I suppose I should use my tried and true method of playing a (J)RPG with a "buffer game." Sometimes I get a little too enveloped in a game where I didn't want to played anything else, but I do find it easier if I have something to fall back on when I need a break from a grind. Back in the SNES days I did this with Final Fantasy VI, and Link to the Past. The differences of a JRPG, and an Action RPG made for a good break, and both are amazing games.


My plan is to also look to revisit games I started, but didn't quite finish in 2016. Some will be to finally finish the story, others will be to platinum the game. Games like Demon Gaze, Tales of Xillia, and Tales of Hearts R require multiple playthroughs, and post game dungeons, while others like Operation Abyss, Mind Zero, Omega Quintet just stopped being fun for me. I do plan on giving them all another go. Sometimes games are like food. The food was good, but it wasn't what you were in the mood for that night. My hopes are to pick games in a certain order so I can feel accomplished in what I was able to do. I want to avoid playing too many large scale JRPGs back to back as I tend to invest 100+ hours into them. Fighting, and Sports games won't really be on the list since I suck at fighting games, and sports games generally don't have an end. Plus I suck at online play.


So without further adeu, my first 5 games to complete in the backlog are:


1.) Sword Art Online: Lost Song - I'm already about 10-15 hours into this, and this will be an easy one to complete and platinum. Hollow Fragment has a better story, but this one will only take me about 50 hours to complete.


2.) Dragon Quest V - With beating Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V takes over its # 2 spot.


3.) Corpse Party: Blood Drive - I'll be honest. I started this game during a bathroom break while at work. I have become more of a Visual Novel fan in the last few years and enjoy the horror genre. With other VNs like Root Letter, Danganronpa (1&2), and Steins;Gate in my backlog, this would be a good one to start with. Also another that should only take me 25-30 hours.


4.) Gravity Rush - I am a little embarrassed to say I've yet to play this gem. I missed out on getting the remastered version when it was released, but I think the Vita version will suffice.


5.) Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC - Going to go straight into Second Chapter as I've just completed FC. Loved the first of the trilogy and look forward to what SC, and 3rd have to offer.


So there we have it. The first 5 games that will be vanquished in the year of 2017. I am on a mission to stick with my goals and finally have the satisfaction of making my backlog smaller. I have until June to get my playing in since I know once my son is born, my gaming time will grind to a halt and my focus will be on him, and my wife.


So I hope, and pray for a great year of gaming for you all. And I hope, and pray for a safe year for everyone as well.




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Dragon Quest IV - I never really got into the Dragon Quest series, so a few weeks back I snagged IV, V, VI, and IX. I figured this would be a great series to play when I wanted more of an old school JRPG feel. We bought my son a New 3DS for his birthday, so I was able to snag his 2DS to play these great titles. From what I read, this game should take about 30-40 hours to complete. I'm about 5 hours in, and it's been a nostalgic ride thus far.


Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC - This is a little bit of a cheat since I'm in the last chapter of the game and more than likely will end up completing it within a few hours. I bought this for PSP years ago, sold it, then bought it again only to end up playing it on the PC. More than likely I will start SC as soon as I am finished with FC as Trails in the Sky 3rd is set to release sometime this Spring.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery

Hi, my name is Tora Chan, and I have a backlog problem. Whenever I see a good deal on a game that I'm even mildly interested in, I cannot help but purchase it (despite the fact that I still have games, and even an entire game system, that I purchased in 2014 and still haven't touched yet).


Sometimes I'll simply survey their spines like I'm standing in some turn of the century aged library

I also do the same. I like looking at my collection of [untouched] games in my entertainment center. I would even force myself to buy more games if there is empty space in one of the columns I store my games in... I seriously need help.


Granted, my biggest gaming accomplishment of 2016 was getting the platinum trophy for Street Fighter V, which was a daunting task. That game alone took up the majority of my playing time from February 2016 through November 2016; so when I completed that game, a wonderful new world of gaming opportunities opened up for me.


The 5 games you wish to complete all sound awesome. Here are my 5 games I will complete this year at all costs:


1.) Yakuza 0   :ps4:


Currently playing this now, and will not stop until I get the platinum trophy. Enjoying the game VERY much so far, and I believe I will enjoy it immensely until the end.


2.) Rise of the Tomb Raider    :xb1:


I'm at 1160/2550 in terms of Gamerscore for this game, but because of SF V I didn't complete this game in 2016. I was lucky enough to snag the Season Pass for this game for only $6, so I would like to earn all of the Gamerscore for this game and finally put it behind me.


3.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition   :xb1:


It is a shame that I had this game for a while in 2016, and NEVER even put it into my console. I would like to at least complete the main story at some point during the year, and maybe strive to get all of the achievements for the game depending on how much time I have and how much I enjoy it.


4.) Persona 5   :ps4:


I LOVE the Persona games, and completed Persona 3, Persona 4, and even Persona: Dancing All Night. So I will continue the trend with Persona 5 (and will have a lot of fun in the process).


5.) Final Fantasy XV    :ps4:


This seems like an amazing game, and I also have the Season Pass for it so I want to get through the entirety of this game and earn all of the trophies for it.



So I hope, and pray for a great year of gaming for you all. And I hope, and pray for a safe year for everyone as well.

Hope the same for you as well!

Hey, thanks for commenting. I applaud you for platnuming any fighting game. I have one and have successfully gotten about 15% of the trophies for it. I don't think I have the hand-eye coordination for them anymore.


You have a nice list as well. I know the fine folks over on the Japanese Niche board speak very highly of the Yakuza series. I'm sure one day I'll buy them since we are all addicts here.


To be honest, I'll probably end up buying the other three in your list as well. I have Persona 2, and 3 on my PSP via PSN, and have Personal 4 Golden on Vita, but have never played it. I seriously need to pop it in sometime this year. I know it'll be one where I'll spend a ton of time on it. Persona 5 just looks like it'll be epic.


Rise of the Tomb Raider looks great, and the only reason I haven't bought the Witcher is I know my life will be consumed with it, lol. A close friend of mine asks me if I've bought it once a week.


I absolutely loved FFXV and look forward to the DLC releases. I also have the season pass and probably will stop playing whatever I'm on whenever something new is released. 


You'll have to keep me updated on your progress.