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2017 Backlog - Games get boring, play other games.

Posted by Cloyd, in 2017, Video Games, Backlog, RPG 21 March 2017 · 2852 views

Something I've learned in all my years of gaming is that if you start getting bored with a game, its time to play something else. While I admit I tend to play games past the point of complete enjoyment all for the glory of platinum trophies, there are times when one must simply put a game down and play something different. This is why I followed the "buddy game" approach. Always have a buffer game to play whenever you start getting burned out or frustrated.


Though, I've slowed on most of the games I started out looking to complete, I have made progress on other games:


Shantae and the Pirate's Curse : I've never been much of a platform gamer, but this has been a fun, but frustrating, game. 16/45 trophies deep thus far and will be hard for me to 100% due to defeating bosses without taking damage and the speed run, but finishing it will be easily done.


Toejam & Earl : This was one of my all-time favorite games for the Sega Genesis. I never owned the game, but the local video store had it for rent and I probably spent enough money renting it where I could have owned it. 12/12 trophies as it's not a hard game to complete.


Amnesia:Memories : I have to be truthful about this game. Taking advantage of PS Plus, I downloaded this for free knowing full well I would use a walkthrough and speed through for an easy platinum. 26/26 trophies - 22h 1m.


Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ : See above. 32/32 Trophies - 6h 24m.


Corpse Party : Of all the games from the previous list, this is the only one I've put time into. I tend to do most of my gaming on the PS Vita, so whenever I start games back up, I gravitate to this handheld. 9/38 Trophies


Gravity Rush : Fantastic game, just for some reason only play it 30-60 minutes at a time. I need to go ahead and complete the main story and then go after the challenges and side stories. Currently in chapter 10 of 21. 16/64 Trophies, including the DLCs.


Anna: Extended Edition : This was another one I snagged when free on PSN; free or really cheap, that is. So far its been frustrating and buggy. Something tells me I'm going to put way more time into platnuming this game than its worth. 7/15 Trophies.


So there you have it. A small, but trophy filled update. I may have ditched my initial games, but I was able to earn (not so much the VNs) 118/232 possible trophies and I'm still working to gain more.