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Half Price Sale on my Pixel Painting Artwork

Posted by zekeike, 23 October 2013 · 757 views

I'm reducing my pixel painting prices down to $50. My Scott Pilgrim/Ramona Flower 11" X 14" paintings are being sold as a set for $30. I will need to do a custom order for that one. One that I'm holding one to because it's my favorite is the Richter Belmont painting. The large Scott Pilgrim Band painting will stay at it's regular price. This will be a temporary sale until around the end of November. All paintings have Free Shipping.
Esty site for purchases. https://www.etsy.com...shopheader-name
deviant art - http://pixelbuddy.de...rt.com/gallery/

Cool art, I hope you sell out

You're killing me!  Grabbed the SotN one, I've had my eye on it for a while.  Please also hold Scott/Ramona set for me, I'll PM you about the custom order on both etsy and here.



Thanks man, Sent you a message on Etsy

Got it.  Thanks again, can't wait to get them!

If the mega man one is still around next week I'll more then sure get it D=

@gunnm Cool

Really want the Ryu one and the Mega Man one but cant spend $100 on art right now with my daughters Bday and Christmas around the corner.  If theres another sale like this in the future and they're around i'll try to snag them

Alright bought the mega man one

@MrshllJcb I understand. But the megaman one has been sold.