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Latest Video Game Pixel Paintings/Sale

Posted by zekeike, 06 February 2014 · 1440 views

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Here are some of my newest video game pixel paintings. Mike Tyson from NES Punch Out!/King Hippo will be finished today. Link from SNES A Link to the Past. Also a small one of Woodman from NES Megaman 2. I plan on doing all the other bosses from Mega Man 2 and selling them via a full set.

I am having another sale on my Etsy site. Mike and King Hippo will be down to $50.00. The larger ones I can except offers if $100.00 is too steep. Link and Super Macho Man/Bald Bull are at a videogame store, but are still for sale. Thanks to everybody who purchased one from Esty last time.



Awesome job man, both of them look great.  Love the Link to the Past one!

I'm a little bit nuts for these.  

I'm a little bit nuts for these.  

Haha you're telling me.  I've boughten 5 from zekieke and another 7 or so from my brother.  I need to do a blog and post them all to show them off.

You sold the wood man already?

@thanks tyler1701


@gunnm No, I haven't posted it yet on Etsy. Will do today (Saturday). Will be $20


@gunnm It's up now

Oh man...these are awesome.