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Music not found on official video game soundtracks

Posted by The 7th Number, 20 October 2013 · 1605 views

God of War 3 Bioshock Infinite L.A. Noire Playstation 3 Xbox 360
Sometimes there are songs within a game that aren't released on their official soundtrack. There are three songs that I would like to talk about, and possibly find a way to buy and/or download, so I could listen to them in MP3 quality outside of a youtube video. Be sure to correct me if I am wrong, that they actually are on an official soundtrack! I would be pleased to learn if I am wrong!

I will start with the earliest song I came across, which is called "Melody of Pandora" from the game God of War 3. The God of War series has been a long time favorite of mine since the first game on Playstation 2. When I heard this song in the game I just stood there so I could listen to the beautiful melody. There is a version of the song on the official soundtrack, but it is not the same version you hear in the game when you are traveling through Hades.

The top video is the song I wish I could download, the one you would hear while you are playing the game. The video below it, its the song "Pandora's Song" which you can hear on the official soundtrack.

My next song is from one of my favorite games from the PS3/Xbox 360 generation, L.A. Noire. Rockstar Gmaes is one of my favorite publishers this gen, and L.A. Noire put a lasting impression on me, and I will always think of it as one of my favorite games.

This song, that you can't find on the official soundtrack, is taken from within the game. It seems to play as background music when you are driving in your car in some situations. I don't know if they only play it during certain cases, but it is a song that really sticks in my mind, and I really enjoy it. I don't know if this song has a name or not.

For this video you will have to skip to the 8 minute and 35 second mark to hear it start. It ends around 9 minutes and 36 seconds when the player gets to the mission point, which cues a cut scene.

Last but not least, this is the most fun song of the three. This song can be heard in the game Bioshock Infinite. You come across this song in the game when you reach a beached area. Like the other two, you hear the song in the background, and once again it is not included in the official soundtrack.

The song is "Girls just want to have fun" by Robert Hazard, which was probably more famously made by Cyndi Lauper in the 80's.

I will leave you with this last video, just because when I hear "Girls just want to have fun" i always think of this fun moment in Sleeping Dogs. Check out the dance moves at the 1:15 mark. :) Hit it Wei!

You can use "youtube to mp3" sites to convert these soundtracks that don't appear in the game. As for the last one, go to itunes and buy it, you can't be that broke you won't spend a 99 cents for a great song. That's what i did, when i heard that song played when i was playing SDs.


~girls just wanna  have fun.

Oh i am not looking for the last song from sleeping dogs. I just put that one as an added bonus. :)


Maybe I will try that youtube to mp3 thing out, thanks for the advice.

Wow never knew that song was in Bioshock Infinite.. Anyways, first thing that comes to mind are the 10 tracks that are missing from the OST of Killer is Dead. Some of the best tracks in the game too.

Oh i am not looking for the last song from sleeping dogs. I just put that one as an added bonus. :)


Maybe I will try that youtube to mp3 thing out, thanks for the advice.


a few years back, my dad used to do this kind of thing. the program he had since been unusable, but as Noel suggested there should be something out there (if you have no other option).

I was able to use a site to grab the God of War and Bioshock songs into MP3. But i cant do that with the LA Noire song. Only way I could possibly get that is if someone could rip it off the disc, but i dont even know if that is possible.

The karaoke in Sleeping Dogs is a riot. The voice actor who did Wei Shen was really a good sport to do all that singing.

Yeah that was one of my favorite parts of the game. LOL. I hope if they make a second game they add it in again with different songs.