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2014 - Year of the Video Games

Posted by The 7th Number, 14 January 2014 · 1515 views

Xbox 360 PS3 Tomb Raider BattleBlock Theater Shadow of the Colossus Assassins Creed Brothers ICO

2014 - Year of the Video Games

This is a little thing i wanted to create, to keep track of all the games i played in 2014. So i will be editing this topic a lot through out the year. All the games listed will be games i never played before until this year. This was created for my personal interest, but feel free to read or comment.


1/1 - 1/6 - Tomb Raider - Xbox 360

Notes: I finished the main campaign on easy. Found and completed all of the optional tombs. Didnt bother getting the rest of the collectibles. Never tried the multiplayer mode because I dont have Xbox Live Gold, but wasnt really interested in it anyway.

1/7 - 1/?? - BattleBlock Theater - Xbox 360

Notes: I completed the story mode on normal difficulty. Still playing this once in a while to get more gems, and better my grades.

1/16 - 1/22 - Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Playstation 3

Notes: I ended up getting the platinum trophy for this game. It wasnt that hard of a challenge. But overall the game kind of stinks for an assassins creed game. I disliked the bayou section of the map. There was no good way to quick travel around the map, only from new orleans to the bayou and back. Some of the missions were annoying. But i did like the Aveline character, and the idea of different persona's.

1/23 - 1/24 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Playstation 3 (PS+)

Notes: Finished the game, and got all trophies. I enjoyed this game, and the best part of it was it was free on PS+.

1/29 - 2/6 - Shadow of the Colossus HD - Playstation 3

Notes: This is a game that I have always wanted to play since I had a PS2. Finally going to play it with HD graphics in the PS3 version. Finished this game and while I would say it was a cool and interesting game, I can also say it was one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. I think the controls and camera is what makes this game more frustrating than it should be. But overall its a really good game, and should be played one to two colossi at a time. I have no intention on going for the platinum trophy, or any other trophies that I had missed. But then again who knows.


2/6 - 2/8 - ICO HD - Playstation 3 (PS+)

Notes: I started this game because I had read that SOTC was kind of a prequel to ICO. So after I finished SOTC, I was really excited to start ICO. Its a pretty good game. Though I had to use a walkthrough at times to figure out where to go next. The story is good, but some of the combat can get annoying until you get a sword. Not even going to try to get platinum in this game.


3/23 - 3/26 - The Last Of Us - Playstation 3

Notes: Really enjoyed this game even though some parts of the game were frustrating. My main frustrations came when I would encounter the clickers who kill you with one bite when they get too close to you. Other then that, the game was overall really fun and interesting. The story was great all the way through, and you really connect with the two main characters over the course of the game. I only ended up with 3 trophies after completing this game. Beating the game on easy, normal, and crafting every weapon. I would recommend this game to everyone, if you havent played this game yet, dont wait, DO IT NOW!


Gears of War 3 - Xbox 360 (Multiplayer)


5/28 - 5/29 - Disneys Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Playstation 3 (PS+)

Notes: I finished this game in one sitting. Its a pretty short game. Overall its a nice platformer but sometimes the controls are annoying. There were a few times i tried to jump but because of an animation or being hit, that i wasnt able to and ended up dying by falling down a bottomless pit. There are also times where i jump on an enemy only to be hit, as if you have to be really precise about being in the middle of the enemy. Also some areas of the game just felt like a cheap sneak attack on you that will drain your life one star just because the programmers want to be pricks lol. I didnt think i was going to get the rest of the trophies, but on the 2nd day i went for them and it was a pretty easy game to get 100% trophies. Especially with the youtube videos i watched to find those hidden diamonds, chili peppers, or statue pieces.

5/30 - 5/30 - Thomas Was Alone - Playstation 3 (PS+)

Notes: I like puzzle games and thought this game was pretty cool. This game actually felt like i was watching a documentary, but also playing it at the same time. I liked some of the elements of the game, but overall i thought it was really easy. I got all trophies in one sitting, and the last one i needed was to die 100 times. So thats kind of proving how easy the game is. Not a bad game to kill some time, or if you are in the mood for an easy puzzle/platformer.

Battleblock Theater needs to come to PS3 and/or Vita ASAP

you are not missing a damn thing from refraining in engagement of the MP on TR. its a waste of time.