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World of Nintendo - Metroid

Posted by georox, 14 January 2016 - - - - - - · 1752 views

A lot of people here seem to collect World of Nintendo figures, or are trying to find them at least. Hit your Toys R Us NOW! I found Metroids finally! They also had the big Wind Waker Gannon, but I didn't care for him. Run to the stores, SPEND, BUY, CONSUME!


Thermal Detonator

Posted by georox, 08 April 2015 - * * * * * · 1489 views

So, as a peak at things to come, here is the first piece of a new costume...


Halloween, Gaming, Brokeness

Posted by georox, 03 November 2014 - - - - - - · 1099 views

So, Halloween has come and gone once more. It was fun, I did an Asspool costume. I also entered a costume contest and REALLY need votes, I'm losing, and I do not enjoy losing! Help me get some wonderful toys!


Vote each day from now til November 9th at 11:59 PM. Also if you have...

Radiation finished and cancer luck

Posted by georox, 21 October 2014 - - - - - - · 702 views

Today was my final radiation! i can't get more due to the condition my liver is in. Now I just wait a month for scans and tests to see if my liver is alright. The doctor said odds are I will have cancer again, over and over, until I get a new liver.

In better news, cancer brings good luck:

Cancer Radiation

Posted by georox, 16 October 2014 - - - - - - · 657 views

So, liver is still screwed. Should be on the list soon, it is cancerous and the cancer grew a bit... started radiation this week, Tuesday next week is the final dose. They couldnt' do a full round on me because my liver is in that bad of shape before the cancer, so we'll see. Either way it means I get a much-needed life saving transplant sooner.

Are you...

Medical update

Posted by georox, 31 August 2014 - - - - - - · 715 views

Well, they can't burn the cancer out so I'm getting chemo. Not sure when it starts, the specialists are suppose to call this week at some point. Finally going to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon too, so it's going to be an interesting/painful September. Don't want to be laid up for Destiny! :(

MRI results came back...

Posted by georox, 17 August 2014 - - - - - - · 901 views

I have liver cancer. It's growing rather rapidly, and they are trying to get me a liver transplant as fast as they can now. I have a GoFundMe started and the link is being posted on my Twitter account, I'm not going to plug it on CAG everywhere though, so if anyone here who regularly talks to me and knows me wants to help, check my Twitter feed.

I'm stil...

Workin' on the Website, Broke Again...

Posted by georox, 10 August 2014 - - - - - - · 709 views

So, recently I've been working on my website again, finally. I'm trying to update it at least 3 times a week with new posts/content. Keep an eye on it, eh?

In other news, MRI to see if my liver is cancerous was on Wednesday. No results yet -.- Still waiting to see if I'm going on a liver transplant list, scared out of my mind between the thought of need...

Liver Transplant Team Meeting 1

Posted by georox, 12 July 2014 - - - - - - · 740 views

So, no new news other than my liver is bad enough that if it isn't replaced, I'll die. Issue is it isn't bad enough to get me on the list. Basically, I'm in limbo on this, still 0 income, can't work, and waiting on a court date for SSI. I can't drive a car or anything, so right now I sit around a lot in a room driving myself insane.

Possible cancer and transplant list evaluation

Posted by georox, 27 June 2014 - - - - - - · 716 views

So, the fun news of the week is my doctors want to evaluate me for the liver transplant list. The downside is recovery, possible rejection of the organ, and I can't travel while I'm on the list, which can take a few years to actually get a liver.

Also, my liver may be cancerous. Going in for another MRI next month, then I'll know more.