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Health, conventions, figures, and more!

Posted by georox, 12 May 2014 · 623 views

Well, to start things off, health is still meh. It's going back and forth between better and worse. Main issue now is the mucus that keeps coming up from my lungs. The Cystic Fibrosis is finally trying to get me :/

With that I'm going to plug this:

Not my project, but it definitely is interesting.

Anyways, breathing sucks, eating sucks, and sleeping sucks right now. Breathing = coughing = feel like shit. Eating = intensive stomach pains = feel like shit. Sleeping = laying down = coughing = feel like shit.

In other news, my backlog is massive. I got a PS4 day one, and was going to skip the Xbox One, but caved the night before my last surgery and got one. Barely played either, and not because I have no games for either. With great medical issues comes having no energy. I'm lucky if I can stay awake through an episode of something on TV now.

So, figures! I promised figures... the latest additions!





Anyways, the last convention I attended was Steampunk Symposium, in Cincinnati, OH. It was fun but extremely draining due to the activity. Next up is Origins in Columbus, OH. Likely all I'm doing this year due to health. Can't handle the larger shows anymore. So, without further ado, me as scrawny Deadpool!

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Jealous of this ^ I've been wanting to get this figure for a while now. But $80 (+ shipping) is just too much for a figure.

That first pic...