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Cancer Radiation

Posted by georox, 16 October 2014 · 657 views

So, liver is still screwed. Should be on the list soon, it is cancerous and the cancer grew a bit... started radiation this week, Tuesday next week is the final dose. They couldnt' do a full round on me because my liver is in that bad of shape before the cancer, so we'll see. Either way it means I get a much-needed life saving transplant sooner.

Are you an organ donor?

I am an organ donor. I hope that your transplant comes sooner rather than later and I am sorry to hear you have cancer. Keep your head up, and good luck!

I'm an organ donor, too.  Hope you get on the list soon, and don't have to wait long for a match.

Organ donor, and testicular cancer survivor here. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but just know that you can do it! Stay positive and keep trucking through it. I found that to be really helpful during my struggle. Best wishes my friend.

I'm fighting, believe me. Not time to die yet. Not today. Side effects are trying to kick my ass though.