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Radiation finished and cancer luck

Posted by georox, 21 October 2014 · 702 views

Today was my final radiation! i can't get more due to the condition my liver is in. Now I just wait a month for scans and tests to see if my liver is alright. The doctor said odds are I will have cancer again, over and over, until I get a new liver.

In better news, cancer brings good luck:
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hope for the best.Cousin had it in their lung and brain and under went major treatment last year. So far she is still cancer free 

Good luck, man! You can beat this thing.

Hope everything turns out alright, man.  Congrats on the PS4. :)

I guess its your destiny to beat cancer 

Good luck.  I hope you're able to get a new liver very soon.  Congrats on winning the PS4!  I hope that's just the beginning of your luck turning around.