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Halloween, Gaming, Brokeness

Posted by georox, 03 November 2014 · 1099 views

So, Halloween has come and gone once more. It was fun, I did an Asspool costume. I also entered a costume contest and REALLY need votes, I'm losing, and I do not enjoy losing! Help me get some wonderful toys!


Vote each day from now til November 9th at 11:59 PM. Also if you have somewhere you can plug it, please do. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, anything. I need help on this one!

So, gaming... been playing a lot of Destiny, with Fantasy Life being the cart in my 3DS when I can't sleep. Loving Fantasy Life, finally getting bored of Destiny. Looking forward to the Target buy 2 get 1 free sale next week, it's right before my birthday so I should actually be getting something from it.

Anyways, brokeness. Still broke. Still no income whatsoever. It sucks. Such is life. :/

Depressing medical stuff? None right now, that happens in a few weeks. Anyways, I'll leave you all with Asspool.

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Happy to vote for you, but the link goes to a page for Joker, not Asspool, so I just wanted to make sure that's you, and not a bad link.  Is it you?

That is me, oddly enough.

OK, voted for you, and I'll try to remember to vote every day.

Voted.  I'll try to remember every day, too.

Make sure to check fortunesember.com every afternoon too, I'm posting a contest a day for ultraviolet/vudu codes to go along with the voting.

Voted again.  I tried earlier today, and it didn't have the vote button.  I'm guessing it resets 24 hours after you vote, rather than at midnight.

Yea, sadly.

Voted again. I see you have over 790 votes now. Are you leading?

One more vote.

Awesome. Currently leading but that wretched Robin keeps gaining. It's been rather neck and neck... it's going to be a fight til the end. Also thanks for the votes and check fortunesember.com I've been running a contest for voters every day!

Voted again.  At the moment, your lead over Robin is 1111-1102.  Doesn't get much closer than that.  I wonder if I could go to your link from my phone and not have it recognize me, so I could vote again?  Yup, it let me vote again.  Wish I'd tried this a few days ago.

I voted for you.  1460.  Good luck.

Woot! Awesome! :) Thanks again everyone. If I win this, I plan on a very large digital download contest for some free movies. Basically I'm going to go through my entire bluray shelf.

Another vote.  You're up by about 130 right now.

One more.  You're starting to pull away, a little over 230 ahead now.

Voted again.  #1815.  Final day.  Good luck.