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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 20 September 2013 · 850 views

Friday :D

Ahh what it was like to have weekends off for a moment. Only 4 Saturdays spread out over 8 weeks to go. 2 in a row to close September, then 2 in October and I'm off weekends until March. So new with me? Not a whole lot actually same ole same ole. Started an Instagram thing yesterday. I see people post pictures of food all the damn time, it makes me hungry. Then I realize wait these people post pictures of food thats all pricey and shit. So I am now the CheapAssFoodGuy on IG if you wish to see pictures of Burger King, and more cheap eats. Waste of time is my middle name and I found a new time waster.

As for Vidya Games I'm chugging along towards level 50 on FF14. I just dinged 42 last time I played. I also recently picked up Grand Theft Auto 5. So for the next few weeks those two games look to be my gaming agenda. My best friend has my playstation 3 but despite all that I still picked up KH: REMIX. If I get my PS3 back I'd drop everything to play through Kingdom Hearts 1 again.
What are you playing this weekend?

GTA V.  Just based on what my friends lists look like, this blog will be filled with that answer.  I would like to beat it this weekend and trade it in, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen because I haven't been playing as much as I should.  Been trying to get caught up on Breaking Bad so I can stop having things spoiled for me.  I have one episode left before I'm completely caught up.


Other than that, there are UFC fights on Saturday.  Might go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch those, but last time we went there the service was really really bad.  Not sure I want to go back...  

I'd like to get further along in FFXIV, but grinding fates/leves/duties/hunting logs is pretty boring once you exhaust all your available quests. 


Plus, I am all up in GTAV like crazy. Going to see Depeche Mode tonight so no gaming for me today. 

My wife and I just got into Castle Crashers thanks to the boring week of BF3 Xbox DOTW sales and we had fun with the first level so I imagine we'll pick back up whenever my son falls asleep. That should hold me over until FIFA comes out next week. I may do some Halo matchmaking as well if I get the time. I have been diagnosed with sciatica so I wont be that active at all this week. Gaming + Sports for all weekend for this guy.

Yays! I'm going to the dentist today. I've been having toothaches off and on all week so I have to leave work early to get this taking care off. If I have a tooth pulled, at least I got the weekend off to heal up. Now the games, I haven't been playing that much this week so back to Tales of Xillia. Hopefully I'll finished Milla's side this weekend and start GTA 5.

Not in a sandbox type of mood.  So for the time being, GTA V is going on the shelf.  Got back to playing Xillia and probably going to stick to playing that all weekend.  Oh yeah and got to get in a Gears:J event game in this week so I can get that damn Syberite achievement (I have like 11 more weeks of punishment left) :bomb: and finish it off so I never have to play that piece of trash ever again!

Star Ocean Last Hope International

Pokemon Diamond

Nothing but GTA V for me.  I'm hoping I can log more than a few hours with it because I haven't had a chance to get very far into it to this point.  I work four 10 hour nights a week (then have a 3 day weekend each week  :D/) so during my workweek, I'm pretty tired in the mornings and my gaming time usually falls off a cliff.  Mondays tend to be my big gaming day; wife and kids go off to work and school, and I have the house to myself until it's time to go pick the kids up.  So I'll definitely be robbing some virtual banks on Monday.

I have been playing Alan Wake's: American Nightmare (PC) and finally playing The Walking Dead (PC). I am finally able to switch to a different position at my job on Monday (coming home after midnight is rough). I also wish I could pay the $60 for GTA V but I will see if there is sale later this year.


@Shrelock that sucks with the dentist. I had a crown and the gum between a normal tooth and my crown was sore and finally today after doing different things it is better and it looks better. I think the salt water helped.


Other than that, I might see a movie this weekend if I have time.

Gonna be a busy-ish weekend thanks to local events, but as for gaming, just Pokemon Black 2 for me right now.

gta 5, after having it sit on my damn shelf since Monday night (long story, never going to pick up a game at midnight again).

Forgot about FIFA 14 early access...we get the game 3 days early. Forget everything I said in that earlier post, my butt will be on this couch getting my FIFA fix...

Tales of Xillia!! Being an adult sucks, because it takes me a month or two to beat these RPGs.  

gta v, i am really enjoying it.

So much GTAV lol :D 

I'll probably finish up Costume Quest and put a bit more time into Mini Moto Evo Racing (why I keep playing this game I don't know, it's pretty dull and way to easy, but I find it strangely addictive). I'll also try and play some more of Torchlight (first ARPG, digging the genre so far) though I've no idea how far I am right now. And of course more XCOM (lost my first game earlier this week but restarted and will hopefully be able to finish it this time), and a bunch of dumb casual games because I can't help myself ;)

still working on Fallout 3 and Sly 3 challenges