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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 08 November 2013 · 948 views

Friday :D

I have played a lot of Battlefield 4 this week and that's what my weekend is looking like as well. I want to get Assassins Creed Black Flag for Xbox One but I skipped Assassins Creed 3. Seeing as Gamestop had the game pretty cheap(15 used) I went ahead and picked it up for Xbox 360. Look to get some time in with it this weekend, I hear it's the worst in a franchise that has Assassins Creed 1 in it so thats a pretty bold statement.

So with this next write up coming on the Playstation 4 launch, how many of you that read this are procuring one? What games are you buying for it? What made your decision to purchase it over the Xbox One? If your not buying one, do you plan on getting one in the future? I plan on getting a PS4 one day myself, can never have enough devices to play video games on :)

What are you playing this weekend?

Well I'm gonna try to finish up Deadpool before I trade it in. Might get AC IV with the 25% off coupon and play through that. Then CoD Ghosts and Injustice.

Have to beat Hamsterball of all things.  Trying to go through my backlog and weed out a few easy small games.  Also going to start working on my XBLA backlog, I'd like to be completely done with my 360 by mid-next year so I can sell it and just be done with it.


Definitely going to buy a PS4, but not right away.  The size of my backlog would making buying a new console a really stupid move.  Waiting (at least) a year seems like the best bet for me to see where Sony and PS4 are at that point.  I have plenty of games for now, and there are still plenty of games on the PS3 horizon that I'd still like to get and play through.

I play through AC1 and AC2 and by far I liked Ezio a lot more than Altair in AC1.I have not played the other AC2 games and/or AC3. Possibly might want to play the other games first. I am currently playing El Shaddai but have not done too much gaming this week. I am thinking of trying to finish God of War 3 since I played it and I need to get around a certain part. I might try to look for another game to play on the handheld. Possibly finishing Uncharted and/or Gravity Rush (PS Vita games).


PS4, I will wait a year as the system is too new and I believe that possibly there might be a better deal pack that will come out next fall/winter 2014 which I think will be better. Also I do have many games I have not played for the current generation on the PC, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 (and handhelds 3DS/PS Vita/PSP) so I think that I can wait a year to see what happens in the next generation market.

i'm not even thinking about the next generation of gaming, i'll be getting the PS4 or the X-1 like in 2 or 3 years of now. I have a huge backlog i have to get through, i got over 30 games to beat. And i have huge list of games i really want to get still. So yeah, i have no interest in the next generation of gaming yet. This weekend I'll be playing the serious sam trilogy and the most horrible installment if assassin's creed, assassin's creed 3. So far, i still haven't had any fun playing it.
No new consoles for us here, though I am going to get a new desktop compy by early next year at the latest :D

I need to get back to Return to Castle Wolfenstein; my right wrist has been in pain all week, but it's mostly recovered now. Also want to wrap up the second episode of Ace Attorney 5 and move on to the third. Maybe I'll start something new as well; we shall see.

More LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Pokemon X/Y.

I'll once again reiterate my unbridled support of ACIII, my favorite in the series.  Still can't understand the hate despite having read it over and over again - the infamous 'slow start' is only really slow if you're in a big hurry to cut people up with a hatchet.  The beginning is all story relevant and I actually enjoyed it.  The ship stuff plays a lot better than I expected and it's almost entirely optional, so even if you hate it you can skip it.  The worst parts (for me) were all the klunky ass modern day stuff - it's almost like they had a different team entirely work on it.  It feels so stiff and contrived - if they ever make an AC set entirely in the modern day there will probably be a shitload of buildings under construction just to provide parkour run/climb/jump settings for the protagonist.


I'm at 96% complete and just have some nagging challenges left to do (if you're going for trophies there's definitely some big timesinks in there).  Aces by me though, I'll keep chugging along through the weekend.  I expect to have the plat wrapped up before my shiny PS4 hits my doorstep next week.


Finished Batman Blackgate finally, so I'm off to polish off the plats on Dragon's Crown and Soul Sacrifice in vita land.

I've been sick all week and working which is not a good combination. I just started back playing Persona 3 Portable. I also got Call of Duty Ghost so I'll be playing the campaign. This is my first COD and I'm enjoying it.

I just bought my first 3DS XL. Very impressed with it and the 3D looks awesome. I picked up Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, so I'll get started on that. I'm going to stop by a Gamestop on my way to see Thor 2 tonight, so if I can find Dead or Alive: Dimensions cheap, I'll pick that up.


My gaming will be impeded on Saturday due to a visiting relative, but I intend to go full force on Sunday, and also try to get in some time for Resident Evil 4 HD. 

I just bought COD4 for $5, so I'm patiently waiting for that to download and I'll probably be giving that some play time this weekend.

I think I'll be able to finally wrap up GTA V this weekend.  I'm close to the end if not right at it, so hopefully I can finish it up.  If I do, I may actually do a little PC gaming (that's a pretty rare thing for me) and try out The Swapper.  I bought it on sale on Steam last week but haven't checked it out yet.  Other than that, I may buy and play through the first episode of The Wolf Among Us on XBLA.


 I have an XB1 pre-ordered, but not a PS4.  I'll definitely get one eventually, though.

I just beat Resident Evil Revelations on PC so I'll be looking for a new single player game to play on there..  I also just bought COD Ghosts for my 360 (gonna trade it in and get a X1 copy for $9.99 when it releases), so I'm playing a bit of the multiplayer on that.  


I have a X1 preordered and I'll be getting Dead Rising 3, COD Ghosts and NBA2k14 on day one.  I'll be getting as PS4 at some point down the road, but with the X1 being more of an all around entertainment option it made more sense for me and my family, also I've like both the original xbox and the 360 more than their Sony counterparts.

Bought the Zelda Wii u when it came out but didn't have a chance to play it until this weekend.  Never played WindWaker, but hopefully it will be good just as people say:) Wont be getting a PS4 or Xbox One until  next year or 2015.  None of the games scream out buy me yet. lol

Me and the girlfriend finished off Lego Pirates a few days ago, but don't know where we are going next. Her backlog consists of Kirby Return to Dreamland, The Kirby Collection, and Super Mario Bros Wii. We've started Return to Dreamland and SMB Wii but she got tired of both of them and we moved on. We either won't play anything or she will buy something new.

On my own front I am almost done with Episode 4 of Back to the Future. The story started out as a fun idea but it's gotten tired and I really just want to be done with it.

Mulitplayer wise I am on the last mission of Borderlands 2. Just need to find some time to knock it out. Maybe tonight if the daughter falls asleep early.

As for the PS4. I am overly eager to being a new Saga from Bungie, so whatever the release date is for Destiny is the day I buy a PS4.

:ps3: EyePet & Friends

:ps3: Fallout 3

Crash Team Racing - it has been a while since I last played this and it is a game I can play with my son that is not EyePet