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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 31 January 2014 · 839 views

Friday :D

So this weekend I turn the big 2-8. The Broncos winning the SuperBowl would be the best birthday present uhm ever. So if the football gods would like to bless me with this gift I would gladly accept it. My son is taking me to Chuck E Cheese for my birthday(his idea of course) and my wife is taking me somewhere secretive(I'm hoping that videogame arcade that just opened up near us ;) ) Also as an early birthday gift I stumbled across a Legend of Zelda 3DSXL Bundle for 110.90 at Toys R Us. Used the 30% off clearance blast coupon and got it for 83.06 after tax. Couldn't say no to that deal so now I have a 3DSXL and now I need some CAG Friend Codes.

My Friend code is: 5343-9345-5830. Bravely Default is the 3DS game I am looking forward to in the very near future. Working on the demo now, just got my 20th villager to carry into the main game, still got the final area to complete before im done with it, but I really enjoyed the demo and thought it was well done. Ill be messing with that this weekend as well as the free copy of Legend of Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Nintendo gifted us.

Also business per usual as I enter Battlefield 4 every single night in Feb to claim my player appreciation rewards. BF4 may be had on the 360 but I am loving the experience on Xbox One. 64 player combat is awesome and its tiding me over until Titanfall drops or my buddy gives me back Assassins Creed so I can play it, whichever happens first.

What are you playing this weekend?

that videogame arcade that just opened up near us


I didn't know you lived at  the corner of 1985 and Local Shopping Mall!  I can't believe arcades are still being built.


Fighting weekend for me - Mortal Kombat vita, Injustice ps4 and MvC Origins ps3.  I'm enjoying going through all the single player content of these games, the Injustice story mode is fun to watch but virtually pointless to play.

Go Broncos! I'm actually in Denver this weekend to see my sister. She's getting me a Demaryius Thomas jersey for a belated birthday present :)

I only have my DSes with me so Pokemon for this guy if I have time. I'll be out beer shopping :)

I'll add you on 3DS by the way. Check my sig for my FC

I love the Bravely Default demo. This was the first demo that made me pre-order a game. I'll add you when I get home from work. My friend code is in the Google Doc in the Bravely Default pre-order tread. I haven't been playing that many games for a while now so I getting back on the ball here. I'm going to play Killzone Mercenary on Vita and Atelier Rorona this weekend. I just got Killzone Mercenary during the 14 for 14 sale. I had to delete a game or 2 of my 16GB card to make room since the game is about 5GB. I had Atelier Rorona in my backlog for a while now so I want to try to burn though as much as possible. 

Preemptive Happy Birthday! I don't have my 3DS FC handy right now, but I'll get it to you (and add you) later!


My priority for the weekend is catching up on SLEEP. I'm about two days behind. If I do any gaming at all, it'll mainly be Game Dev Tycoon. It's not as much fun as Game Dev Story was but it's still decent.


Also looking forward to Bravely Default, but started Persona 4 earlier this week, so who knows when I'll get around to the former?

Also as an early birthday gift I stumbled across a Legend of Zelda 3DSXL Bundle for 110.90 at Toys R Us. Used the 30% off clearance blast coupon and got it for 83.06 after tax.


What the? How?  WHAT!?!?  Jesus I hit up half a dozen stores around me and was happily willing to pay $150+tax for one and couldn't find one ANYWHERE!


I hate you now.  Also screw the super bowl, I'm getting wasted and watching as little of it as possible.

Seattle wins by a touchdown.


Today is the last day at my current job (I just graduated from UT Arlington) and Monday is my first day at my new career so I will try to power through some games before my life becomes busy. I'll be finishing off Dishonored, progressing more in Tales of Vesperia and leveling more Pokemon in X. 

myself   :)


really though wont be playing much  maybe  some  junk games  to hold me over until  next friday  BD hits for the 3ds.  Mostly only have  RPG games and would hate to start one just to have to put it down  when  BD hits 

though i just got  

Valhalla Knights 3  off gamestop for 18    maybe i be playing that 
Will be playing more Dead Rising 3 and trying to finish that off this weekend. Also been playing some Lego Marvel and Crimson Dragon so probably give those a go as well. My 3ds friend code is 4098-3813-0232. I'll probably try that Zelda 4 swords game if I can find some people to play and also play some Pokemon as well

Happy Birthday, DBJ!  I hope the football gods give you that Broncos win you're hoping for.  I'll be rooting for Peyton to get his second ring, partly because I think he deserves it, and partly because I can't stand the thought of watching Richard Sherman gloating in post-game interviews again.  Guy's an amazing player, but holy crap am I sick of him.  And you know if Seattle wins, every camera and microphone in the stadium will be immediately shoved in his face.  Ugh.


I'm hoping to finish off Ryse: Son of Rome this weekend.  It's a fairly short game, but I haven't had much time for gaming lately, so I've still got about 3 chapters left.  I'm still pretty early on in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus,  so I'll play some more of that, too.  And I'm still very slowly plugging away at the awesome Rayman Legends as well.  So nothing really new from the past couple weekends for me, but hopefully I'll find time to make some good progress.

I'm going to play my XBLA backlog : Dragon's Dogma: DA, Shank 2, Deadlight, and How to Survive

Happy Birthday DBJ! I had my Birthday at mid-January. I realize now that you are still young compared to me at 30 :( Still glad that you are going to have fun this weekend. This weekend, I am going to try to try through The Last of Us (PS3) and possibly Uncharted (Vita). Other than that possibly some errands (shopping; car things).

I plan on finishing Beyond: Two Souls here in about 20 minutes.


After that I will probably go back to some Red Dead Revolver, SMT Soul Hackers, and I'm not real sure of what I am going to get into on PS3, maybe Diablo 3 or Dragon's Crown.

i'll be playing the same thing i always play, COD2 on the 360 lol...