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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 04 April 2014 · 834 views

Friday :D

Final Four weekend. Short and simple. Let's Go Wildcats!

One could argue the way I am playing Dark Souls 2 takes away from the "experience" the game is supposed to offer. So me and 2 other buddies have been 3 manning Dark Souls 2. We aren't very far and I know there are bosses you have to solo at some point. We have beaten 4 bosses so far using 3 player co-op. Two of us put the summon signs down go in our buddies game and we all go through and beat the levels. The game is still challenging but it isn't near what it is solo. I am having a lot more fun with Dark Souls 2 than I ever did Demon Souls or Dark Souls 1 using this method. It's good times.

I just hit day 2 on Stick of Truth. I should be further but I watch a lot of basketball :3 Lot of good NBA matchups this past week that I couldn't say no to. I really like Stick of Truth its a solid game and if your a fan of RPGS you should check it out whether you like South Park or no. The story cracks me up, I have been in tears at points during the game.

What are you playing this weekend?

Hoping for Wisconsin vs UConn in the finals, but really pulling for anyone except Kentucky.


Gaming-wise, I started up Kingdoms of Amalur a couple days ago and I need to get back into that.  Also need to continue working on my XBLA backlog.  Got Giana Sisters, Ugly Americans, and Motocross Madness beat this week.

Finally got my glitched Spartan Assault achievement on Xbox One to pop.  Just need about 5000 kills in co-op and I have my 1K.  Already got the 400 on the 360 version.


Game wise I am kinda up in the air.  New COD DLC hit, but I probably won't touch that until my co-op partners are ready to play it.  Probably more Lightning Returns for me.

I'll be playing the Phase 2 beta of Final Fantasy XIV on Playstation 4 (and probably some on PC) along with inFamous Second Son.

I'll also be watching Wrestlemania XXX on my PS4 on Sunday. Hopefully Daniel Bryan finally wins the WWE WHC because they're driving me nutty with their teases.

Friday already?!


All I'm playing right now is Steins;Gate, so more of that.

I'm not sure.  Since I finished South Park, I've been in a bit of a gaming rut.  I've got plenty to choose from in my backlog, so maybe I'll start something from there.  Just to actually name something something that I might play, I'll say Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.  I think I'll start that.

Okay, so I finally beat Beyond: Two Souls. It was a good adventure/story game. Definitely the ending where 'okay' but anyway. I am going to finish playing Dante's Inferno (I know, GOW clone but still fun). I might try to see if I can go play Deus Ex as I have had the game but trying to do better to play game. Other than that, I do not have too much to do this week.

Just recently finished Ratchet and Clank:Into the Nexus which is a good ending to the "future" storyline.Digging into the backlog now and going to start up Darksiders II.

Bravely Default, Titanfall, and probably some Lego Marvel.  


Ive been thinking about grabbing Dark Souls 2 for pc and the method you described seems like a way to play the game I would enjoy a lot more.  I enjoy coop games, but would rather play with people I know so if I can convince a couple buddies to buy it I'll probably try it. 

I'm not too sure yet. I was thinking about Remember Me from PS+, might go with that. I don't want to dive straight into Tales of Symphonia right after finishing FFX.

I'm going to play some WarFace Beta and AC 4 :BF 

I'm coming off a break of a few weeks from gaming and ready to get back into it. Going to start Fable Anniversary and Deadlight this weekend.

I've been having very little time to game lately. Hopefully I'll get some time to play a bit more MGS: Ground Zeroes. I picked up Tomb Raider recently, but I doubt I'll have time to play it this weekend. Unfortunately, the dreaded backlog is growing again. And I was doing so well too for the last few months...

I just finished my Good playthrough of Infamous Second Son and I want more. I got 66% so I will get the other leftover trophies before playing Evil. Finishing up Bravely Default. I also got the camera and Just Dance 2014. This will be a shake your booty weekend. 

Still on my second playthrough of P4 Golden.