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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 03 October 2014 · 734 views

Friday :D

Thanks for all the well wishes last week everyone! Dealer School is a blast! Our class was doing well so they accelerated us a bit to finish in 5 weeks instead of the original 6.

But we are here for games no?

Last week with what little time I had inbetween work dealer school and sleep was all spent on The Last of Us and this failure of a night in Destiny


I sadly think I am coming to an end on The Last of Us. I just finished the "Winter" portion of the game and I can safely say that it was better than pretty much everything I've played this year. It was amazing. I did it in one sitting I couldn't put the control down. I was up until a little passed 2 am last night because I had to see what was going to go down. After the whole scene and the jump to Spring I laid in bed for a little bit and just thought about that shit. What an amazing game.

What are you playing this weekend?

Friday already? @_@ Right now I have a pretty bad cold, so I haven't been able to play all that much (I don't like being sick like this and playing the story-heavy games I tend to prefer). I finally beat Sonic Rush yesterday, so I might start Sonic Rush Adventure over the weekend. I'm also nearly at full completion with Picross e.

Glad to hear Dealer School is fun; hope it leads to a good job once you finish with it :)

DBJ, I am glad you are doing well in dealer school. I know of a friend (loosely we were in the same frat) who did it for a while but is not since he finished school and is working in the public sector. The Last of Us is definitely a good game. I played it on the last generation and definitely it was some rough moments from the year they were together. Other than that, you will have a good part in Spring (after he gets better) Still the guy who played Drake in the Uncharted Series played the role as David (person who was talking to Elle and boss battle).


Gaming for me this week was Skyrim :) I am currently only about the part if people know when you are sent from the monastery to do quests to get more experience in using your shouts. It was fun but those mages in Fort Amol were not easy to defeat (I am at Level 12). 


This weekend will be relaxing. I am focusing on the game and relaxing. I might go out on Saturday but I am not really sure.

The same old same old this week. i'm going to get back into Destiny. I haven't played it that much this week. I'm also playing Tales of Symphonia for the first time on the PS3. I'm a sucker for Tales games and I heard this one was the best. I decided to check it out. 

GOTY candidate SoM. That's about it unless I 100% before the end of Sunday. If that happens I'll play some Metro 2033 Redux.

I still have to check out Last of Us. Maybe if it drops in price around Black Friday I'll finally give it a go. Heard only good things about it. 


I've been on a Killzone 3 multiplayer kick, so I'll probably continue that for most of the weekend. Still have to play the final episode of Walking Dead after I download it from PSN. And speaking of zombie games, I picked up Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare last week. Want to give that a try before Halloween. 

Destiny. And some more Destiny. :lol: 

Monster Hunter Tri co-op with my son this weekend.   Im training him to be a fine Monster Hunter in 3 Ultimate for our Christmas Wii U.    Also some more grinding with Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 FES.   I just love those games and I love fusions!.  

I still have The Last of Us: Remastered sitting here waiting to be played since I bought my PS4 a month ago.  Hearing you talk about it, DBJ, is making me want to call in sick to work tonight and fire it up.  I told myself I'd wait on it until I finished Wolfenstein: The New Order on XB1, though, and that's still the plan.  Very big change coming to the Danimal household this weekend that will give me some free time for the first time in a long while (not trying to be mysterious, it's just way too long of a story for a blog comment post), so hopefully I can wrap Wolfenstein up soon.  I'd like to try to get in some co-op in Chariot with my son, too.

I still have The Last of Us: Remastered sitting here waiting to be played since I bought my PS4 a month ago.  Hearing you talk about it, DBJ, is making me want to call in sick to work tonight and fire it up. 

Call in with a case of the poops, no one ever questions if you say you got them. That has been my go-to excuse for 17 years.


Gonna finish Walking Dead, play some Destiny, Smash Bros. 3DS and of course, Pokemon of some sort.


(I just realize that I have officially worked longer than I have not...probably gonna drink now as well)

Researching a few browser games to see if they would make a good video review thing, also playing Europa IV and Skyrim currently.