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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 17 October 2014 · 673 views

Friday :D

Last weekend my son had his tonsils removed so thus the lack of an update. Little guy is healing up fine and this weekend things quiet down a bit.

I made the decision to leave Toys R Us. 2 jobs and dealer school proved to be just too much. I'll miss that place. It was one of the more "fun" jobs I have had. Sure it had its retail woes like any retail job but I really loved the environment. I am just a giant kid after all.

3 weeks of Dealer school to go, then my audition. Halfway through and that class is a blast! Never have I had this much fun learning a trade.

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Smelly...Panties. Yup. I'm playing a CRPG. Divinity Original Sin. As a longtime fan of Larian Studios first outing in the "Divinity" series, Divine Divinity, I bought Divinity OS on release. But I am just now getting around to playing it. I figured what better than a meaty rpg to kill the gaming time until the November madness hits. Turns out so far Divinity Original Sin is really fun. Looking forward to diving in deeper this weekend and coming week.

What are you playing this weekend?

I'll be playing The Last of Us: Remastered; finally started it and I'm about 2 hours in.  Loving it so far.  I'll also be playing Forza Horizon 2.  Loving that, too.  My son and I started playing Chariot together last weekend, so if we get a chance, we'll probably try to play a little more of that as well.

The Last of US was GREAT!!! I finished it myself not to long ago really loved it. I need to jump into the DLC eventually but man what a game. 

I work in health insurance for Medicare and Obamacare. The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare started recently so it's been really busy at work. I will we doing a lot of overtime so I can start saving up for the holidays. Gaming wise, I've been playing a lot Dust: An Elysian on the PS4. This is a great game and free on PS+. I'm stil playing Destiny off and on. I'm a level 22 Hunter and I just beat the lame story. Right now I'm trying to level up. 

DBJ, I was wondering what happened last week. Well hope your son is coping. Some people have them and are fine and others need to have them removed. Anyway, good luck on your training. I knew a friend in college who did it and was doing it for a while making good money but decided to work in govt.


I am currently playing Skyrim (PC). I finished the main story and doing side quests and looking to play Dragonborn (DLC). If you decide to play the DLC do not do before completing the main story. The guy takes your dragon souls, ugh. Other than that, I am looking to play more of The Evil Within. However, I might try to play another game since I am starting to get a backlog again.


I might go out and review for IT cert exams soon.

DBJ, you played TLoU Remastered, right?  I didn't realize it had the Left Behind DLC included until I started playing the main game.  I'm really hoping I can find enough time to finish the main game and Left Behind before the 28th when Sunset Overdrive comes out.  I've got that and Far Cry 4 preordered at Best Buy, so I'm going to be hitting a bit of a gaming gridlock soon if I don't get moving. :lol:

Sleeping Dogs DE and Evil Within. Never had played SD on 360/PS3, so glad to finally give it a shot. 

Persona 4 Arena and probably something new-- leaning toward starting Avalon Code.
And maybe some Tropico 5…

Skyrim, Aura Kingdom, Endless Legend

I "beat" Destiny a few weeks ago but today finished off the skill tree for my hunter (And to get the trophy). Started a Titan class to work towards that trophy but might jump back to the hunter to work on some other trophies if need be. Plan on getting all of them except for the one's related to a clan... and the raid trophies seeing as none of my PS friends even have the game.

Persona 4 Arena and probably something new-- leaning toward starting Avalon Code.
And maybe some Tropico 5…

I lol'd at that tropico 5 

I have been playing minecraft (ps4), borderlands pre-quel (need a 4th), and destiny. Really loving the pre-quel. I am really starting to hate destiny..or maybe I just hate grinding.. idk, idc.. hope you are well.