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What are you playing this weekend?

Posted by DaddyBoJangles, 07 November 2014 · 2772 views

Friday :D

Just to get this out of the way I made it through the dealer school and passed my audition and barring anything crazy from now until Tuesday I am looking to receive my gaming license to deal at the casino near me. Looking forward to this part time job as it will enable me to support my family and allow my wife to leave her job to pursue her career in the nursing field. I am very grateful to my new employer for the opportunity and equally as happy to be able to support my wife while she makes this change in her life. This is a gaming blog primarily, and gaming is my #1 hobby and absolute passion but Family always comes first. This blog over the course of much of 2015 will likely be me keeping up on your gaming habits because mine will shorten greatly. I will still of course lose an hour of sleep here or there to play but likely not as much as I do now. So CAG I'll still post here often and I hopefully it will be more gaming related and hopefully I can keep up with the few of you who still comment here weekly.

As for gaming this weekend I am making the push to finish Sunset Overdrive before Halo MCC drops. Sunset Overdrive is easily the surprise of the year for me. If any of you have it I am looking to fill a group to try and unlock the 4 multiplayer achievements this week. Add me on Xbox Live: DaddyBoJangles and lets do this!

You've got your priorities right, DBJ, and that's half the battle in life.  Congrats on completing the dealer school and on the new job.


Right now I've got too many games I'm trying to play, and not nearly enough time.  Like my son said to me, though, "It's a good problem to have".  I'm off for the next 4 days, so hopefully I'll be able to find some time for games.  I'll be jumping between Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Chariot, Magic 2015, and Volgarr the Viking on XB1, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Steamworld Dig, the "Left Behind" DLC for The Last of Us, and the South Park tables on Zen Pinball 2 on PS4.


I'm actually thinking about cancelling my preorder for Far Cry 4, because I most likely wouldn't get to it before Christmas anyway.

Busy weekend for me, but if I get time I'll play some Gundam Battle Assault 2. I still need to finish Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and Killzone 3, but highly doubt that will happen anytime soon. 


I also started Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Meh, maybe I'll get more into it as it goes on, but I'm kinda disappointed I didn't go with Super Mario 3D Land instead.

Excite Truck Wii, just got it from AWD a few days ago. The controls take some getting used to and so far it is fun and worth the $3.75 it cost.


Skylanders Spyro's Adventure PS3, I'm trying to get 3 stars on all levels and just need 2 more stars.

Nothing much this weekend. I haven't been playing Destiny in a while so I might go back to that. I'm playing Lego Marvel on the Vita and I went back to Tales of Symphonia HD. I'm disappointed with Lego Marvel on the vita. It's more mini games then actual game. I'll play more since it's slow at work. 

I am currently playing Risen (PC) old game but I will see if I will enjoy it. I finished Advent Rising (PC) and it was definitely a buggy game as it was for the xbox 2001 console. I am thinking about playing Deadly Premonition (PS3). Other than that, I am just did errands today and focusing on improving qualifications for my job. Sunday might go see a movie with friends.

Don't have time to game this weekend because I have family in town. But, my tv died on Friday so went and grabbed a new one yesterday because Best Buy had a crazy deal. (checked the price Friday night and it was $899 w/ $100 gift card, and yesterday it was $799 w/ $100 gift card.)

But I grabbed a 55" samsung smart tv. It's not 3D, but my main thing I wanted was 240hz. Watching tv is a bit weird because of it but the 15 minutes I farted around in Destiny were a whole different world. It moves so fast that it honestly might be a big change. Bad news about buying a new tv is that I now can not afford to get an xbox one this week with the MCC. Good news because I want to spend a million more hours with Destiny and time is always the factor. We had a pretty awesome electronics auction at work last December, so hoping they do the same next month and I can win the xBone there.
Whoops, I missed this post on Friday ^^; As usual, good luck with everything, DBJ!

I beat Picross e2 and Guacamelee! Gold Edition this past weekend, and also did some sidequesting in Avalon Code.