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It's times like these that I wish I knew Japanese

Posted by _Sin_, 26 March 2009 · 319 views

This just screams awesome. :lol:

This just screams awesome. :lol:
totally awesome wheres blockbuster video and their advertising it was wicked
The Blockbuster bunny gets killed at 1:13
Don't know if want...
i didn't see any cats.
Holy shit that was badass!
That was badass, though as Z_meista points out there were no cats, not to mention cat shit.
Yea, looks cool. That would make an awesome game as well.
Terrible name though: Cat Sh*t One
Kinda hard to market that.
from an article i think its going to be called Apocalypse Meow in the US, lol.

I always wish I knew Japanese, that's just another bonus.