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Entries in August 2020
19 Aug At last, too much of a good thing? Thoughts on Assassins Creed Odyssey 2 Comments
Entries in April 2020
04 Apr Enjoy your lockdown inside The Complex 1 Comments
Entries in March 2020
23 Mar Kingdom Come: Deliverance keeps tripping over its own feet 1 Comments
Entries in January 2020
29 Jan Sony's Spider-Man (PS4) is the best Spider-Man movie you've never seen 4 Comments
Entries in December 2019
08 Dec The Outer Worlds is a brief, entertaining ride 0 Comments
Entries in November 2019
29 Nov Assassins Creed Origins is an Assassins Creed game 0 Comments
Entries in October 2019
08 Oct Planet Zoo beta impressions 0 Comments
Entries in August 2019
10 Aug Moral ambiguity in a world of assassins 1 Comments
Entries in July 2019
13 Jul Tyranny is good but it could be better 2 Comments
Entries in March 2019
23 Mar With Pillars II, Obsidian knocked another one out of the park 5 Comments
Entries in December 2018
04 Dec More random, not-at-all-deep thoughts 1 Comments
Entries in November 2018
12 Nov The Mirror Lied, well, it's a headscratcher 0 Comments
10 Nov Jurassic Park game tells an interesting story in an annoying way 2 Comments
04 Nov Doctor Who game turns out to be rather crappy 0 Comments
Entries in October 2018
28 Oct Bad week to be an arachnophobe 0 Comments
15 Oct Pillars of Eternity provides a real old-school isometric RPG experience 0 Comments
Entries in May 2018
11 May First impressions: The Desolation of Mordor 3 Comments
07 May Franchise-killer Andromeda suffers from being a merely-okay Mass Effect game 3 Comments
Entries in April 2018
23 Apr Batman: The Enemy Within is a fascinating Joker origin story 0 Comments
03 Apr Shadow of War is 3/4 of a good game, but it may be getting better? 3 Comments
03 Apr Those pesky orcs 0 Comments
Entries in March 2018
28 Mar Battlefront II buyer's remorse 1 Comments
08 Mar Windows Store Woes, or how Microsoft forced me to reconsider one of the reasons I purchased an XBone 2 Comments
Entries in February 2018
21 Feb The Witcher 0 Comments
Entries in January 2018
16 Jan So why is Bayonetta supposed to be so great? 2 Comments
Entries in December 2017
07 Dec Injustice 2 is both the sequel we need and the sequel we deserve 0 Comments
Entries in November 2017
22 Nov Not your father's Zoo Tycoon(: Ultimate Animal Collection) 0 Comments
05 Nov Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Thoughts 1 Comments
Entries in October 2017
29 Oct Lincoln Clay's bloody quest for vengeance is a terrific adventure 0 Comments
Entries in September 2017
20 Sep Siege of Dragonspear is fun, but that ending. . . . 0 Comments
Entries in August 2017
04 Aug A closer look at Amazon's Fire HD 8 2017 edition 2 Comments
Entries in June 2017
10 Jun Adam West's legacy 1 Comments
Entries in April 2017
08 Apr Batman: The Telltale Series-Realm of Shadows Review 2 Comments
Entries in March 2017
30 Mar Planescape Torment has an enhanced edition on the way 0 Comments
27 Mar Dead or Alive 5 isn't just for anime perverts. . . but it is for anime perverts (with lots of money for DLC) 0 Comments
18 Mar The Walking Dead Season 2 continues Clementine's story in superlative Telltale fashion 0 Comments
05 Mar Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a great LOTR Batman game 2 Comments
Entries in October 2016
19 Oct Stardock's new Star Control doesn't look anything like Star Control 0 Comments
18 Oct Killer Instinct vs. Mortal Kombat X--FIGHT! 2 Comments
06 Oct Thoughts on The Political Machine 2 Comments
Entries in September 2016
16 Sep Geralt's latest adventure is nothing short of amazing 2 Comments
Entries in May 2016
02 May The Witcher 3 first impressions 0 Comments
Entries in March 2016
20 Mar Election the second - Clinton demolishes Trump 0 Comments
17 Mar Election 2016 begins (Election the first) 0 Comments
02 Mar Baldur's Gate II: EE is the same Shadows of Amn you've known and loved 0 Comments
Entries in November 2015
12 Nov Return of MST3K? Kickstarter begins. . . . 0 Comments
10 Nov Dragon Age Inquisition isn't the perfect Dragon Age game, but it's a vast improvement over DA 2 1 Comments
05 Nov Dragon Age Inquisition - Corypheus is defeated 0 Comments

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