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The Witcher 3 first impressions

Posted by warreni, 02 May 2016 - * - - - - · 4528 views
The Witcher 3, RPG and 2 more...
So to my surprise my new work laptop can actually handle the notoriously-poorly-optimized The Witcher 3 , so I've been playing it a bit for the last several days. I'm around 2 hours into the game, still a level 1 Geralt, but I've made a few tentative observations:
Combat is TPSier than ever in this installment, more so than in Assassins of Kings , and I s...

Election the second - Clinton demolishes Trump

Posted by warreni, 20 March 2016 - * * - - - · 4132 views
sims, The Political Machine 2012 and 2 more...
Election the second - Clinton demolishes Trump In the second part of this series, Hillary Clinton launched an absurdly-successful bid to win the presidency for the Democrats, soundly defeating Republican rival Donald Trump. Clinton won even states no Democrat has any business winning, including Oklahoma, Idaho, Louisiana, and Mississippi. How? Well, according to TPM, she outspent Trump considerably. G...

Election 2016 begins (Election the first)

Posted by warreni, 17 March 2016 - * * - - - · 3186 views
sims, The Political Machine 2012 and 2 more...
Election 2016 begins (Election the first) My first foray into the 2016 presidential election (via Stardock's The Political Machine 2012) was a rousing failure. The Democrats put forth a bold ticket: Bernie Sanders on the top and Al Franken on the bottom. Donald Trump shrewdly chose Condoleeza Rice, perhaps helping to secure some minority and female votes that he otherwise probably wouldn't have g...

Return of MST3K? Kickstarter begins. . . .

Posted by warreni, 12 November 2015 - * * * * * · 3083 views
MTS3K, Non-gaming stuff
Return of MST3K? Kickstarter begins. . . . https://www.kickstar.../bringbackmst3k

Joel and the bots are back (although no sign of Kevin, Mike, Bill, Mary Jo, Frank, or Trace at this point), maybe. A Kickstarter went up a few days ago, when I was too lazy to post about it, and it's already up to a cool $1.3 million of its $2 million base goal. With 29 days to go, it's looking p...

Dragon Age Inquisition isn't the perfect Dragon Age game, but it's a vast improvement over DA 2

Posted by warreni, 10 November 2015 - - - - - - · 2934 views
Dragon Age, RPG, review
I should preface my remarks about this game by saying I didn't hate Dragon Age 2 . It was in no way a worthy successor to Dragon Age: Origins , which is probably still BioWare's best game of the last 12-13 years. While Dragon Age 2 saw very few returning characters from the original and radically altered the original's meticulous turn-based combat, seemi...

Dragon Age Inquisition - Corypheus is defeated

Posted by warreni, 05 November 2015 - - - - - - · 1644 views
RPG, Dragon Age
Well, 120 hours in and I finished DA:I. Tiny-ass review: it was a pretty enjoyable experience. I may even replay it with a different inquisitor later.

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