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Video Recap: The Deer God, Rive, Citizens of Earth, and More!

Posted by FriskyTanuki in Time Paradox!, in SmashPad, Youtube 31 January 2015 - * * * - - · 24744 views

Rather than post a new blog for each video, I figured I would hold off and offer up a recap of my most recent videos covering a variety of games. Covered below are Citizens of Earth, The Deer God, Halo 5 Guardians' MP Beta, Rive, and Trials Fusion.

I checked out the Halo 5 Guardians Beta and found out that I'm still not good at Halo MP, but still had fun...

Top Fifteen Games I Played in 2016

Posted by pasports31 in pasports31's Blog, 01 January 2017 - - - - - - · 1346 views
2016, goty, top games

My Top Games of 2016  
This is a list of my favorite games that I played for the first time in 2016, with system played on, hours spent playing, and a rating on a 1-10 scale: 1) Dark Souls 3, PS4, 120 hrs, 9.25/10: Played this games fairly extensively to get all the achievements. It's a really good entry in the Soulsborne series, probably only b...

Tales from the Otherguy - Final Fantasy XV and Indulgence on what Final Fantasy means

Posted by Otherguy676 in Blog Otherguy676, 06 December 2016 - - - - - - · 1889 views

Hello all. Today I posted in the RPG Thread about Final Fantasy XV. I recently finished the game and, after finding that I do not know anyone else that has played through it yet, I figured I would write about it as I wanted to share my thoughts on the game. So, please forgive my indulgence on what is probably going to be a very long post as I discuss X...

Pokemon Sun: The Unboxing!

Posted by Miker525 in Miker525's: Blogs from the Bathysphere, 20 November 2016 - * * * * * · 2425 views


The Most Popular Genres Of Unblockedgames

Posted by MaximuSR in Flash Games Blog, 19 November 2016 - - - - - - · 2387 views
unblocked games, puzzle games and 2 more...

The Most Popular Genres Of Unblockedgames Playing flash video games is probably a thing you always wanted to do or something you are doing right now. The only thing that is annoying with them are ads that fill websites with these games. The situation isn’t better if you want to play games at work or at school. Most websites are blocked. At least all of these were issues. Now, you can play unlimit...

Killer is Dead (PS3) Review + Tips

Posted by guardian_owl in Backlog Review, 18 November 2016 - - - - - - · 2331 views
Killer is Dead, ps3, trophy guide

Killer is Dead (PS3) Review + Tips Up for review is a title from the oddball developer Grasshopper Manufacturer. Killer is Dead was released for playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in August of 2013. A little under a year later they integrated the DLC into the main game, added an extra difficulty level, and ported it to PC; dubbing it the "Nightmare Edition." The first and only printing of Killer i...

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Review

Posted by splix in Splix Games Reviews, 16 November 2016 - - - - - - · 2287 views
Plants vs Zombies and 1 more...

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Review Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is a third-person multiplayer shooter that was developed by PopCap games before being published by Electronic Arts in February of 2014. It’s available across all the major platforms (Xbox 360, Xbox One Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows) and also EA Access. Primarily a multiplayer game, Plants vs Zombies:...

BRW's 1st Album: Worse of Black (Friday)

Posted by BlackRockWaifu in BRW Music, 12 November 2016 - - - - - - · 2162 views
music, black friday, brw, strange

BRW's 1st Album: Worse of Black (Friday) Sorry... 

New Trump troll copypasta

Posted by Blade in Blade's Blog, 09 November 2016 - * * * * * · 2422 views

Just wrote it. Please post it around the internet. (I didn't vote for him btw) 
Hey Mexicans, my name is Donald, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, minorities who spend every single day being illegal and taking our jobs. You are everything bad in America. Honestly, have any of you every gotten any Green Cards or work Vi...

Titanfall 2 - Vanguard Collector's Edition Helmet Unboxing

Posted by SnotRocket in Blog SnotRocket, 05 November 2016 - - - - - - · 1783 views

I did an unboxing of the MASSIVE Titanfall 2 Collectors edition that comes with the helmet. It's pretty rad and it's a huge box that it comes in. The helmet fits good and feels nice. Check out the video for more info and some still photos of what it looks like.  

Stardock's new Star Control doesn't look anything like Star Control

Posted by warreni in warreni's Blog, 19 October 2016 - - - - - - · 1736 views
Stardock, Star Control and 2 more...

So, Stardock, creators of the Galactic Civilizations series and collaborators on the well-received Sins of a Solar Empire slow RTS games, is the proud owner of the rights to the original Star Control games (1 and 2) and is now taking pre-orders for its new iteration. They've even released a trailer here:  ...

BRW's MGS V CE AWD Unboxing

Posted by BlackRockWaifu in BRW's AWD Unboxings, 05 October 2016 - * - - - - · 1383 views


CAG Crossword Puzzle

Posted by BlackRockWaifu in BRW Weird Posts, 05 October 2016 - * * * - - · 1280 views

CAG Crossword Puzzle CAG Crossword. This one's a doozy. https://i.imgur.com/2wbEFrK.png  Answers


A Year of Gaming (October 2015 - 2016)

Posted by GBKeroberos in Mostly Complaints, 01 October 2016 - - - - - - · 1518 views

Hello friends! Just for fun, I decided to keep track of all the games I finished for one year. Here's the breakdown by platform:
29 (PC)
12 (PS3)
4 (PS1)
3 (Xbox One)
2 (SNES)
2 (PS2)
1 (Wii U)
1 (Xbox)
Total = 54 games That breaks down to 4.5 games per month, or about a game per week.    Five Favorites...

Batman: The Telltale Series Ep. 2 REVIEW

Posted by poison_SHADOW in Blog poison_SHADOW, 23 September 2016 - - - - - - · 1226 views
batman, telltale, telltale games and 6 more...

Episode two of Batman: The Telltale Series has released, finally continuing this all-new take on DC Comics’ immensely popular character. The first episode was good , but does the follow-up fare better? Well. That escalated quickly. Episode two: Children of Arkham wastes no time establishing new, interesting backstories for p...

.IO Games Go Popular

Posted by nosparks in nosparks' Blog, 12 August 2016 - - - - - - · 2331 views

If you play mobile games then you may be familiar with Miniclip, the development studio behind wildly popular games Agar.io, Plague Inc., and Gravity Guy. 
Agar.io might be one of their most popular titles among the .io games , having reached an excess of 50 million downloads on the Play Store, and recently Miniclip has launched diep.io, an all-new a...

Alola Form Pokemon

Posted by GnarKills in Games & Stuff, 11 August 2016 - * * * * * · 7515 views

We've been getting a plethora of news in the past couple months on the upcoming new entries to the main Pokemon series games. We've seen character customization return, the professors and some protagonists, new Pokemon and the bad guys we get to deal with in Team Skull. While these are all awesome and exciting things to learn, it's hard for me to not...

Released a web app for watching YouTube music videos with sync'd lyrics

Posted by Josh1billion in Josh's blog, 09 August 2016 - * * * * * · 2044 views

It's a pretty simple concept: the site displays a music video while the lyrics show up in sync with the song. 
(Note that the search feature isn't complete yet, so for now you can only really browse via the Watch link at the top. I'll finish the search feature as more content gets added) 
While there's the whole "...

August 2016

Posted by BlackRockWaifu in BRW's AWD Listings, 05 August 2016 - * * * * * · 2695 views

Posted 02 August 2016 - 10:56 PM
Shoutouts to DS2U for beating me to the punch, I was working on this for a little while though. The AWD Rap.  :ps4: Hitman Collector's Edition $69.25 LN [We're gonna start it off with Agent 47, the Hitman ]  :ps4: Street Fighter V $23.40 LN [He looks like Sagat, and don't give a damn ]
(CE is $40 new)  :ps...

Danger Zone One webcomic

Posted by SolidSnake86 in Blog SolidSnake86, 25 July 2016 - * * * * * · 1234 views

Shameless self-promotion time!  
I'm writing a webcomic that has recently launched and wanted to spread the word to fellow CAGs. You can check out the comic at www.DangerZoneOne.com  
The comic updates every Sunday, but you can keep up with all of the latest updates by following Danger Zone One on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/dangerZo...


Pokemon Go

Posted by Vigilante8 in Vigilante8's Blog, 20 July 2016 - * - - - - · 1526 views

I am fucking sick of hearing about this game and seeing people play it. Get a life and stop playing gimmicky trash. Not to mention have you seen all the problems related to this game in the news? The only satisfaction I get is feeling intellectual superior to all the braindead sheep playing this crap.

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