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  • .hack Plush Grunty
    .hack Plush Grunty
    I know this is an old post but are you still trying to sell the Grunty plushy?
  • Ironman8 Handheld Collection
    Ironman8 Handheld Collection
    My current hand held consoles.  My favorite is the Zelda DS Lite.  It's great being able to play DS and GB Advance games on one console. 
  • Amazon 9/4
    Amazon 9/4
    That reminds me that I wanted to buy this game lol
  • Bighorn Sheep
    Bighorn Sheep
    Was really cool to see these guys in the wild.  Amazing animals.
  • Mega XBOX lot 5/30
    Mega XBOX lot 5/30
    Instant Xbox collection. 

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