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Vay for Sega CD

Vay Sega CD

Vay for Sega CD

Vay (Sega CD, 1994)
More than a millenium before the current time frame in Vay, from space came advanced technology that was programmed to kill. The five strongest wizards of the land were able to remove the power from the machines and store it in five orbs. These orbs were sealed away from humanity so that they would not lead to any more destruction.

Now the Danek Empire has managed to duplicate some of that technology by creating an army of robotic warriors to use in their quest to conquer the world. Civilization's best chance for survival is to find the five orbs that were hidden away and restore power to the very armor that was programmed to destroy them.

Players take on the role of prince Sandor of the Lorath Kingdom and control a party of three other characters: Pottle, student of Otto the Sage; Rachel, a mercenary; and P.J., court magician of the Kerzalt Kingdom. Your objective is to, of course, locate the five orbs and defeat the Danek Empire. Along the way you will come across towns to explore, interact with other characters, and battle more than 100 different monsters.

Platform Sega CD
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1994