Juicy Realm (PS4/PS5) Winners Picked. Physical Release Out Now via Amazon (Prime Eligible). S PS5 Winners: @Isabele_Kuran @ChaosGaymerWolf @Janubris @kupokul @StreetOf_Dreams @ryusilva23
Pre-Order: Juicy Realm (S/PS5) $34.99 via Target. Best Buy. Amazon (Prime Eligible). S PS5
About this game
Juicy Realm is a roguelike game in which players must square off against bizarre fruits all across the world. The line between the animal and the plant world has become blurred, and the food chain has been completely disrupted. Humans, upon making this incredible discovery, have set up outposts along the border of the aggressive plants' habitat for investigations, defense, and in preparation for what may come. You take the role of a soldier on the front lines charged with confronting this strange new enemy.
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