Pocky & Rocky Reshrined (PS4) $12.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pocky & Rocky Reshrined (S) $12.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). (PS4) $12.99 via Woot (Amazon Prime Eligible).
About this game
Pocky & Rocky Reshrined follows the adventures of a young Shinto shrine maiden named Pocky and her companion, Rocky the raccoon, as they take on the Nopino Goblins! A third sequel in the series, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is currently being developed by Tengo Project and expected for release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2021. Tengo Project consists of staff who worked on the original, as well as Wild Guns: Reloaded and Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors.
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