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8BitMMO (PC)

Get your own building kit here, including everything you need to get started building in 8BitMMO.

About this Giveaway

Each token can only be redeemed once, and a given player account can only redeem one token from this set of tokens.

Each token provides a Building Kit, which consists of everything a player needs to get started making their own building in 8BitMMO:

  • A door
  • A wood table
  • A wood stool
  • A sign
  • 100 gold to spend on building supplies

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To be eligible for this code, you must:
  • - Be a registered CAG user.

How to Redeem

  • Click the button below to get your unique code.
  • Go to 8BitMMO.net and create/log-in to your account.
  • While playing, type in the chat window: /redeem YOUR_CODE_HERE


We're out of codes.