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Incredible Graphics

This game's graphics are technically impressive.


This game has a unique or visually distinctive style.

Shitty Framerate

This game's shitty framerate impacts playability.
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Ravaged Beta (PC/Steam)

Grab a code for the Ravaged Beta (PC), a post-apocalyptic first person shooter.

About this Giveaway

Get ready for Ravaged, a first-person shooter online multiplayer game like no other. Set in a post-apocalyptic earth ripped apart by natural disasters, it chronicles the struggle between the "Resistance" and the "Scavengers" as they fight for vanishing resources, disputed territory, and their very survival.


To be eligible for this code, you must:
  • - Be a registered CAG user.

How to Redeem

Redeem your code in Steam. The best times to play are during official daily playtests at 3PM EDT and again at 9PM EDT.


We're out of codes.