Today on CAG

Xbox Series X & EA SPORTS College Football 25 (X) $469.98 via Target.
Yakuza 0 Friday Night T-Shirt $16 via Teepublic. More Shirts.
Sand Land (PS4/PS5) $39.59 via PSN. $40.19 via Xbox.
Gungrave G.O.R.E Ultimate Enhanced Edition (S) $27.99 via eShop.
(PCDD) Fabledom $13.64 via Steam.
(PCDD) Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator $11.99 via Steam.
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (S) $19.99 via eShop.
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (S) Volume 1. $19.99 via eShop. Vol. 2 Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (PS4) $24.99 via Woot (Amazon Prime Eligible).
Just Shapes & Beats (S) $12.99 via eShop.
Pre-Order: Yu-Gi-Oh! EARLY DAYS COLLECTION (S) $49.99 via GameStop. Amazon (Prime Eligible). Best Buy.
(PCDD) Build your own FPS Bundle via Fanatical.
PDP RIFFMASTER Wireless Guitar Controller (PS4/PS5/X1/X/PC) $129.99 is in Stock via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: Tomba!: Special Edition (S/PS5) $34.99 via Limited Run Games. Classic Edition $69.99 Whoopee Edition $149.99 Plush $29.99 & More.
Splatoon 3 Grand Festival Shirts $24.99 each via Nintendo.
Pre-Order: EA SPORTS FC 25 (PS5/X1/X/PS4) $69.99 (S) $59.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Target. $10 Best Buy Gift Card & Game via Best Buy. GameStop.
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (PS5) $19.99 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible). Target.
Metaverse Keeper (S) $22.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: Yu-Gi-Oh! EARLY DAYS COLLECTION (S) $49.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Best Buy.
8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch (Works with Wired GameCube & Classic Edition Controllers) - Nintendo Switch $19.24 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION (X1/X) $9.99 via Xbox. eShop. (DRM: Steam) via Humble Bundle.
Fate/Samurai Remnant (S) $38.99 via PSN. (S/PS4/PS5) $29.99 via Woot (Amazon Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: The Smiling Man: Famicom Detective Club Collectors Edition (S) w/ Bonus via Amazon Japan.
Kingdom Hearts Final Cup T-Shirt $16 via TeePublic. Other Shirts.
(PCDD) The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky $9.99 via GOG.
(PCDD) Cosmic Star Heroine $3.74 via GOG.
Batman: Arkham Collection (X1) $8.99 via Xbox. $5.99 via PSN.
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