Today on CAG

Sora Amiibo $15.99 via Target.
figma Demons Souls [PS5] Black Coat Fire Defense $98 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Heart of the Woods (S) $25.51 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). (PS4) $24.99 via Woot (Amazon Prime Eligible).
PDP Rock Candy Enhanced Wired Power Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Official Licensed Nintendo Switch Mario $18.39 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Guilty Gear Bridget Shirt $16 via TeePublic. More Shirts.
(PCDD) Loop Hero & 6 More Games $12 via Humble Bundle.
Gamepro 5.0 T-Shirt $16 via TeePublic. Other Shirts.
Pre-Owned Spacebase Startopia (PS5) $2.99 via GameStop.
Shakedown: Hawaii (S) $3.99 via eShop.
Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe (S) $39.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Digital Code Too.
(PCDD) Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe $2.99 via GOG. Atari Publisher Sale via GOG.
Pre-Order: Gundam Breaker 4 (S) $59.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). (S/PS5) $59.99 via Best Buy. GameStop.
Pre-Order: Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream (S/PS5/X) $59.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). S PS5 X GameStop.
Pre-Owned DNF Duel (PS4) $9.99 via GameStop.
Pre-Order: Princess Peach: Showtime! (S) & Princess Peach: Showtime Acrylic Stand $59.99 via Best Buy. You can be bald and enjoy this one.
News: Dinos vs Robots Sale Starts Monday via Steam.
Pre-Order: Princess Peach: Showtime! - Nintendo Switch - With Exclusive Princess Peach Hair Scrunchie (S) $59.99 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible).
Root Film (S) $3.99 via eShop.
Pre-Order: Hi-Fi RUSH (PS5) $26.99 via PSN (PS Plus Price). Game Pass via Xbox.
Pre-Order: Pentiment (PS5/X1/X/S) $34.99 via Limited Run Games.
(PCDD) Give Me Shelter Sale via Humble Bundle.
(PCDD) Techland Publisher Sale via Humble Bundle.
(PCDD) Games Aid Charity Sale via Steam.
(PCDD) Rail Route $18.74 via Steam.
(PCDD) Inkulinati $14.99 via Steam.
(PCDD) Blade Assault is Free For Amazon Prime Members via Prime Gaming.
(PCDD) Escape Simulator $9.89 via Steam.
(PCDD) Disney Dreamlight Valley $29.99 via Steam.
(PCDD) ULTRAKILL $17.49 via Steam.
(PCDD) Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon $29.99 via Steam.
(PCDD) No Man's Sky $29.99 via Steam.
Pre-Order: Endless Ocean Luminous (S) $49.99 via Best Buy. Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed (X/S/PS5) $59.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). S PS5 X
Snake Pass (S) $8.19 via eShop.
Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection (S) $31.99 via eShop.
Ever Forward (S) $7.49 via eShop.
Portal: Companion Collection (S) $6.79 via eShop.
Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass - Side Order Tech Sticker sheet 400 Platinum Points via My Nintendo.
Pre-Order: (PCDD) ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Premium Bundle $44.99 (DRM: Steam) via Gamesplanet.
Pre-Order: (PCDD) ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree $35.99 (DRM: Steam) via Gamesplanet.
Pre-Order: Gundam Breaker 4 (S/PS5) $59.99 via Best Buy. GameStop.
(PCDD) Play on the Go Build a Bundle via Fanatical. Steam Deck Compatible Games.
(PCDD) Super Meat Boy Forever is Free via The Epic Games Store. Aerial_Knight's Never Yield Will be Free Next Week.
Pre-Order: Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Edition (X) $79.99 via Best Buy. Digital Code Voucher. GameStop. Amazon (Prime Eligible). Digital Code Voucher. PS5 X
Pre-Order: Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream (S/PS5) $59.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Amazon (Prime Eligible). S PS5 (S/PS5/X) via GameStop.
Pre-Order: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe Edition (PS5) $99.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: Leo the Firefighter Cat (S/PS5) $29.99 via Best Buy.
Pre-Order: Hot Lap Racing (S) $39.99 via Best Buy.
(PCDD) Nacon Publisher Sale via GOG.
Pre-Order: Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament (PS5) $39.99 via Play Asia. Use Code CAGDEALS24 to Save More. 1000 Made.
(PCDD) RoboCop: Rogue City $32.49 via GOG.
Mugen Souls Z (S) $29.99 via eShop.
(PCDD) Atari Publisher Sale via GOG.
Pre-Order: MX vs ATV Legends - 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Edition (X) $29.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Black) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode - Officially Licensed By Nintendo $39.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Sora Amiibo $15.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
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