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#10296272 Nintendo Wii U eShop - Ubisoft Games 30% Off

Posted by InFlames215 on 19 February 2013 - 06:39 PM in Video Game Deals

Not bad for a couple of the games, if you have the deluxe digital promotion membership for another 10% off.

#10106307 Free year of playon for wii u

Posted by InFlames215 on 21 December 2012 - 11:33 PM in Video Game Deals

What exactly is this? Third party software to run top of netflix, hulu, etc? Do you have a have a subscription with netflix or hulu? Or is playon giving you access to videos? Some clarity as to what this actually does would be nice.

Seriously, can you google? And so demanding. This pretty much explains it:


#9963238 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 18 November 2012 - 02:04 AM in Video Game Deals

What I'm really interested in, though, is what's available on the eShop. I'll be getting New Super Mario Bros. U there (provided I can't get my copy from Old Navy) but I'm interested in what other titles made it up there. I'm curious to see if third-party games are up there so I can figure out whether I should get some of them via disc or digital instead, especially since I set aside a 1.5TB for this console.

This should tell you at least which will be on the eShop for sure. There are a bunch on there that say "unknown": wikipedia search "List of Wii U games"

#9963171 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 18 November 2012 - 01:41 AM in Video Game Deals

Lol ... why would it be a fake review? Honestly guys, when was the last time that a console launch had high quality 3rd party games ... ZombiU probably is crap that none of us will be thinking of a year from now ... let's be real

I saw on a different forum that this review might be fake.

I also saw another post where it was claimed that the official Nintendo magazine gave the game a 92. Who to believe?

#9945385 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 13 November 2012 - 04:17 AM in Video Game Deals

I talked to that guy at the electronics section of Target today. I asked if getting the preorder card guaranteed me a console. He checked with his service department head, and said that they would hold the Wii U's at the counter for people that preordered, and is guaranteed.

So I'm crossing my fingers. I'm getting pretty excited for this, it is only 6 days till release.

#9937932 Target Black Friday ad

Posted by InFlames215 on 10 November 2012 - 04:27 PM in Video Game Deals

I buy groceries and home decor all the time.

Advantages of Target:
-5% off everything and free shipping online with your RedCard.
-Hundreds of coupons available on http://coupons.target.com/ . These coupons stack with manufacturer coupons, which also stack on top of sales, gift card offers, or even clearance.
-Their clearance outside of videogames is spectacular. I've scored so many wonderful things for my new house these past few months. Lamps, mirrors, knobs and so much more. Good looking stuff too.
-It's a clean, well organized store. I'll gladly pay a few more cents per item more for the atmosphere and to avoid "Walmart people". I'm sorry, it may sound snotty but there's a reason why there's a peopleofwalmart.com. The South Park episode where they depicted people in rascal scooters at Walmart was super accurate.
-A shower curtain may be $1-$2 more at Target versus Walmart, but you get what you pay for. You pay just a little extra to get much nicer things.
-This sort of relates to product selection. Often times at Walmart I see the trashy looking clothes there and think "people buy this?". Rarely does that thought cross my mind at Target.

Yes, if you compare items side by side without any offers, Target will often lose out. However, I feel I can have "nice" things at a reasonable price, whereas other places offer me "cheap" looking things at a cheap price. And with their stackable coupons and clearance, Target has a good reputation among extreme coupon-ers.

In comparison to some game retailers, they suck though, and that's too bad. Every so often though they have a surprising gift card offer, temporary price cut, clearance game, or crazy offers like the trade-in special thing several months back.

Nice, this is exactly how would describe target. The 5% off alone is worth going there, its the only retailer I buy new games/consoles from because of that.

#9878698 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 23 October 2012 - 03:00 PM in Video Game Deals

Preorder for wii u deluxe 1 game and 1 pro controller 459 back up on Walmart.com

Probably the one I canceled last night after I got a preorder at Target.

#9874043 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 22 October 2012 - 01:47 AM in Video Game Deals

I asked the front desk at my local Target (Madison, WI), and they had the cards behind the counter. Strange thing is, they only charged me $1 for the reservation card. It says on the card it should be $5.

#9815101 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 01 October 2012 - 04:29 PM in Video Game Deals

Dont forget Brawl, 2 Kirbys, 3 Pokemons, 2 Mario Partys, and 2 anniversary games

+ 2 metroid games

#9784794 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 20 September 2012 - 04:46 PM in Video Game Deals

I see that SeaBoom.com is supposedly taking preorders for the deluxe for $380. According to google reviews, they are reputable but they have a tendency to cancel/delay orders. You could always just cancel the preorder if it ended up being too much of a hassle.


#9777931 The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

Posted by InFlames215 on 18 September 2012 - 01:14 PM in Video Game Deals

Walmart bundles for both basic and premium are back in stock. This time though, instead of a Wiimote it comes with a Wii U Pro Controller.

#9240131 Nightmare Busters SNES PRE-ORDER $68 SHIPPED

Posted by InFlames215 on 08 March 2012 - 02:14 PM in Video Game Deals


Not really much of a deal but this is the first SNES game to be released in 14 years. Will have a limited run of 600 copies.

Taken from the website:

"After giving it much thought and discussing it with our partners, I have decided to honor the wishes of our fans by accepting pre-orders on the first 600 copies of the game."

Sounds to me there will be more than 600 copies of this game.

#9235343 FREE Motorstorm RC for PS Vita (starting tomorrow!)

Posted by InFlames215 on 06 March 2012 - 10:37 PM in Video Game Deals

Any psp games downloaded before the 4.00 Ps3 update (November 2011) will need to be re-downloaded as that update changed the way the content is stored. Try re downloading them on the PS3. I re downloaded older games like echo chrome and after that they pop up on the content manager for transfer.

Nice, thanks for the info.

#9227665 Zavvi.com Mega Monday Sale - Final Fantasy XIII-2 31.66 + more

Posted by InFlames215 on 04 March 2012 - 08:21 PM in Video Game Deals

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is region locked as region locked can be people. DO NOT buy it if you have an NTSC - U (US / Can) console!

This is only true for the 360 version.

#9194207 Cowboom Video Game Console Fire Sale again, alternating systems, pre-owned

Posted by InFlames215 on 22 February 2012 - 12:46 AM in Video Game Deals

Ugh. I've been trying to nab a 60GB xbox 360 all day. Even when it does come up, it never adds to my cart.

#9189818 GameStop: B2G1 Free on 1st Party PS Vita Titles - Now Live Online

Posted by InFlames215 on 20 February 2012 - 06:52 PM in Video Game Deals

Does anyone know if I can do this?
Go in to buy hot shots and wipe out, get mod nation free.
then right away i return hot shots and wipeout to buy rayman and lumines.
will i be able to return the 2 games while keeping mod nation free?

You might be able to pull that off at Target. Just don't bring in the receipt when you do the return and see what happens.

To do it with the receipt, I believe both companies require you to return all three games.