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#11685056 May vacation ideas ?

Posted by lilboo on 12 April 2014 - 04:16 AM in Lifestyle & Off Topic

I'm headed to Cozumel Mexico in July :D

Mexico is awesome. Cheap and beautiful. 

#11680698 Any New Jersey CAGs surviving?

Posted by lilboo on 10 April 2014 - 07:46 AM in Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

South Jersey (Camden County) suppppppppppppppp

#11680658 Super Smash Bros

Posted by lilboo on 10 April 2014 - 07:02 AM in Wii U and Wii

I'll be getting both versions for sure, but I just hope there are some exclusives other than stages between the two. I also wonder, how do they determine which Pokemon get in as fighters? I'm never one to be discouraged because they added someone I may have no intention on playing (Greninja), but I wonder.. why him? I believe we are up to 718'ish Pokemon now. Why him of all Pokemon? I'm a little sad that they got rid of Pokemon Trainer because I thought it was a really unique character. Playing as a different evolved form of all 3 of the starters? Ugh, that was one announcement I was really excited to see back then. 

When Brawl came out, I didn't play Pokemon Trainer that much..but I really appreciated the existence of that character being in the game. After all, this game is nothing but pure fan service with the most popular of their characters doing battle against each other. Charizard, though, is a very popular Pokemon so I can understand why he's in the game. But Greninja? Maybe he is very popular and I'm just being ignorant of the subject. But.... Jigglypuff was in the original Smash Bros. (<3 Jigglypuff), so I guess either Jiggly was really popular during the original 151 or they just figured "Why the hell not" and threw her in there. Maybe they just pick their favorite Pokemon and do just that. I'm def over thinking this thing.


Of the new characters announced, the Villager is (so far) the only one who really fits in. I could take or leave the Wii Fit trainer, but I can appreciate her/him being in the game since Wii Fit was pretty damn successful. I'm also a purist, so I feel people like Sonic & Mega Man really don't have a place in a game like this. Some people like that they are in it, so be it I suppose. Rosalina wasn't really a surprise as they are really pushing her to be something it seems. I mean, she gets to be in a few Mario Karts (Mario Kart 8 will be her third one I believe?) plus in a friggin Mario platformer and now this? Her moves do look awesome so I'm not discouraged by it, but still. I know I'm biased and I've been wanting to see Dixie Kong in Smash Bros for a while, so I'd much rather have had her over Rosalina. But like the little mexican girl says on the commercial why not both? And I agree with the little mexican girl, why not both? 


aka I'm at work and I'm just killing time until I go home. /end post

#11677754 Super Smash Bros

Posted by lilboo on 09 April 2014 - 04:19 AM in Wii U and Wii

Dixie Kong, where are youuuuu? :(

#11672701 Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

Posted by lilboo on 07 April 2014 - 07:33 AM in Video Game Deals



Picked up what I wanted today (Reaper of Souls x2 + DKTF) with no problem. However, I completely forgot that I could have PM'd Donkey Kong from Amazon. (Even RoS is like $1.60 cheaper than MSRP). If DK is still $39.99 today, can I take my receipt to guest services, show them on my phone (or do they actually look it up? I've never PM'd at Target) and get the difference? 

#11672685 Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

Posted by lilboo on 07 April 2014 - 07:21 AM in Video Game Deals

Most likely a negative stigma attached to Gaming, Cartoon and Anime related things versus TV, Movies and Sports. Like, it's seen as somewhat traditional for a guy to have sports memorabilia, so someone seeing that (especially a woman) would probably find it more normal / socially acceptable than a person with gaming swag around. Not to mention, it also has something of an immature association, so these two things probably work against it. 

It isn't, most girls aren't into that shit either. Gaming memorabilia is far worse though as far as social stigma and so on.

A poster of Michael Jordan vs. a poster of some half naked anime chick, hmmm.

I don't doubt that at all. I guess when you stop and really think about it, shouldn't it be more acceptable to go over a dude's place and see he has a poster of a half naked anime chick instead of a poster of some guy?? :lol: 

It's kind of depressing that we (just as people) feel like we can't show off something we like..well, we can. It's just that everyone has to be on the same page apparently. I look at the pic that MrNinjaSquirrel posted and of course I find it funny, but I see that as someone who has a passion and cares about something. Although maybe not the sheets..:lol: (But then, this very well could be a picture of some 11 year old's bedroom).


ANYwho, what time should we expect the Rewards page be updated with the new games? 

#11672639 Hearthstone: CAG-Style

Posted by lilboo on 07 April 2014 - 06:34 AM in PC

I'm really looking forward to getting this on my iPad. 

#11672630 Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

Posted by lilboo on 07 April 2014 - 06:27 AM in Video Game Deals

Just curious, how is this any different than that sports fan that has sports memorabilia all over the place? 

#11672532 CAG Fast Food/Restaurant Foodies Thread

Posted by lilboo on 07 April 2014 - 05:17 AM in Lifestyle & Off Topic

Later on tonight, I decided on Boston Market. I haven't been to a Boston Market in years. The other day at work, I saw someone eating it and it was one of those "OH YEAH, That place exists!" moments. I remember really enjoying it.


Has the quality gone down in the last few years? Dat creamed spinach. :drool:

#11672482 Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

Posted by lilboo on 07 April 2014 - 04:39 AM in Video Game Deals

It's getting absurd at this point. Shitloads of people play video games and an extremely small number will decorate their house with memorabilia. The same is true with lots of other things. Let's be frank here, it does look tacky (and extremely nerdy) to most people.  For those of you that aren't married or in a long term relationship already, good luck getting laid with that Yoshi picture hanging next to your bed.

Unless, of course, that girl or guy is also into the same stuff as you. But that's crazy talk. 
As far as gaming memorabilia, I only have that Mario & Co statute thing from Club Nintendo a few years ago by my PC. I wouldn't mind more. There are some really neat looking things on sites like Etsy that is gaming related, but looks artsy enough where it doesn't look completely juvenile. It may also not be my cup of tea, but who is saying that people decorate their ENTIRE place with that stuff? What if you had a designated room where your gaming system(s) is/are set up? I think that would look appropriate. To each their own. I don't really care how someone decorates. 

But let's look at something like this --> https://www.etsy.com...ew_type=gallery


I can't say that I would use this, but I think with the right imagination and enough decor skill.. I think this could look hip/trendy/nice in the right environment. Maybe that's just me. 

The current stuff on Club Nintendo, imo, is mostly over-priced gift store shit. 

#11670870 Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

Posted by lilboo on 06 April 2014 - 07:44 AM in Video Game Deals

So, think they'll give us a GBA game on the Wii U VC for their April update? ;)

No, we can't have nice things. Seems like the really good games are pretty rare to come by. Sigh. I have 900 coins and nothing is expiring..and nothing to buy. Waaaah.

#11670866 Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

Posted by lilboo on 06 April 2014 - 07:40 AM in Video Game Deals

It is live online right now. I'm going to go to the store later (at work now, sad face), but when I added two Reaper of Souls + DK it gave me the discount. Pretty awesome deal considering the expansion just came out like 2 weeks ago, and Donkey Kong came out a little over a month ago (and it's a Nintendo game, gasp).


#11670790 Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

Posted by lilboo on 06 April 2014 - 06:18 AM in Video Game Deals

^ You should be able to buy multiples but it is YMMV. At my closet Target the employee is really friendly and lets me basically take control of the transaction.


Howvever, when Pokemon X/Y released I was at a neighboring target and tried to buy both in the same transaction (I had preorder cards for both) and the dumbass employee wouldn't let me because he said they were the same game and you couldn't buy more then one at a time.


I never make a stink in those situations because I don't like the spotlight being on me

I'm not really worried about it. Luckily I live within a 15-30 min range from a handful of Targets if I get that one person who has to be that way, :lol: 

#11670686 Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

Posted by lilboo on 06 April 2014 - 04:57 AM in Video Game Deals

Oh sad face.. I didn't know you couldn't buy more than 1 copy of each game? I wanted to get DK:TF + 2 Diablo expansions. I hope I get someone who doesn't care and not one of those lame ass "omg <333 rules~!!" kind of person. It's not like I'd be doing something shady. We legit want a copy of the expansion + the new donkey kong.. so this is probably the cheapest way to go without having to wait months more.

#11666594 GOP’s hideous strategy to survive as the “white party”

Posted by lilboo on 04 April 2014 - 06:25 AM in Vs. mode: Politics & Controversy

Ever been to a "state" (i.e. benefits) building on the first of the month?

Cute thread. Looked at the OP ID and couldn't imagine he'd be able to string enough words together to create a thread. Wasn't disappointed. Two posts, one being the OP and < 20 of his own words.

No, I haven't. I'm not sure where you are going with that?

#11666582 GOP’s hideous strategy to survive as the “white party”

Posted by lilboo on 04 April 2014 - 06:16 AM in Vs. mode: Politics & Controversy

People in poverty need ID to get their social services, even their reduced fare bus pass. That's in liberal Los Angeles! You need ID to get a job, which is what people in poverty really need, right?

No, people in poverty need to be given the absolute bare minimum to get by in their everyday lives and then we can all pat ourselves on the back thinking we are actually helping these people. Who needs actual solutions when we can just take other people's money and spend it on a bandaid solution?


But I agree, I have no idea at all how forcing IDs to vote is suppressing a vote. I don't drive, but I have an ID. Why wouldn't I have an ID? It makes 0 sense. I've asked this during election season in 2012 when this was a big topic, and the most common response I would get is that "it's hard to obtain for some people". I don't understand how? It's not like getting a state ID is expensive. It's not. I understand it changes state to state, but I highly doubt state IDs costs HUNDREDS of dollars to obtain. In my crazy expensive state of NJ a non-driver's liscense is $24 + $6 fee. $30. If you are so bent on voting, and you can't somehow over a period of time come up with $30, you should focus your priorities on improving your situation. Sadly, the last sentence to the politically correct police will have me attacked. I'm sure I'm not being "compassionate enough" or "not understanding". That's fine, but if you are an adult and can NOT come up with $30 to get an ID that you need for A LOT OF THINGS... you need to really re-evaluate your situation and try and fix yourself.

I am very VERY open to understanding "Why" it's "so difficult" for some people to obtain. I would love to be informed on this. Tell me that in "these states" to get an ID costs $500+. Tell me it costs $200+! A few hundred I can somewhat understand it being difficult for people with low income to eventually save up and obtain. Under $100? Inexcusable. 


EDIT: I re-read it incorrectly. In NJ, it's $24 for a non-driver's liscense. It's $6 for that if you have a disability. Yep. $6 for the disabled. 

#11663948 $5 off $20/$50 Nintendo eShop Cards - Cumberland Farms

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 06:56 AM in Video Game Deals

Interesting. I live in NJ (close to Philly & Delaware)..and uh.. apparently there's a decent amount in this area. How the hell have I never seen or heard of this?  :-k

#11663871 I remember when Romney was mocked by Obama for taking Putin seriously...

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 06:18 AM in Vs. mode: Politics & Controversy

Well we could, you know, not do anything about it. We could do this weird thing called being a non-interventionist, and save lives and money. Oh wait, we can't do that! Sorry. I'll go back to supporting whatever ® or (D) the TV and "informed" people tell me to vote for. I mean, the ® and (D) system has worked so great since 1913. Everything is fantastic. Have one set of politics, blame the other guy. That's how it works. This forum alone does a fantastic job of just bashing people for their political beliefs. 

We live in a world where someone can be against our current president, then they are told they are racist. That person who called the other person racist because he doesn't believe and support the president, then goes on to call someone like Chris Christie fat (or some variation of fat jokes)...and then will be up in arms when the next "BULLYING" story occurs.

It's kind of fun to be checked out and watch the informed people argue with each other. 

#11663847 Dare I bring up the Martin-Zimmerman event again? OK, Fine

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 06:03 AM in Vs. mode: Politics & Controversy

Well any rational human being should care more about facts vs emotionalism. But like I said, rational. This is America. We have to rally for whatever stimulates us the most. 

I don't think I could ever support someone based on them being a guy, or white, or italian, or gay, or from NJ just because "I am". That's so... stupid. So so.. so so.. stupid. 

#11663822 RPGs?

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 05:53 AM in Wii U and Wii

Pier Solar is a 16 bit RPG coming out in April, apparently. Another game called Child of Light (turn based RPG) comes out at the end of the month. Then there's X.

Not to mention, GBA games launch tomorrow on the U's virtual console. Maybe nothing for you right now, but who knows later down the road.


So basically, yes, there's pretty much nothing in terms of RPG out right now. Fortunately, it seems like things will be getting better this year. Overall too, not just basing it around one genre of games. 


EDIT: Plus more here --> http://nintendoenthu...-u-indie-games/

#11663479 Diablo III / Diablo II Battle.net Thread

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 03:33 AM in PC

I haven't played this game in a hot ass minute. BF & I started to play this again on Monday (Maybe Sunday, who the hell knows). We deleted ALL of our characters (Our highest toons where like level 43 or 44) and started over again.


Holy crap


What did they do to this game? I mean that in a surprised happy way! I was never really one of the "OMGGG HATE THIS GAME!!!~~!!!" crowd, I didn't mind the auction house (though, I understand how negative it was on the game), and I just.. straight up enjoyed what was given to us in this game? (I got it for free via MoP upgrade).


Not only is the loot system just fantastic (I'm actually gearing up things that work for me and I don't have to spend 89,000 gold on a level 13 pair of gloves.. lol


When did they change the difficulty setting? Was that with the latest patch? We did the first 2 Acts on whatever the normal difficulty is. We raised it to hard and now we raised it to Expert and we are still on Act III. We haven't wiped yet (surprisingly, none of us even died yet), but we are noticing an actual change in difficulty. "Hard" really wasn't that hard at all. It's nice to receive the 100% XP + Gold while we level, though.

It also seems like some zones have changed, or they added? As we ran though Acts 1 and 2 we explore everything -- and we noticed a lot of stuff that didn't seem familiar at all. Can someone explain that, or did we just not play this game for that long of a time? (I think the last time we played this was Aug '13)


Oh, and my Wizard is just even more bad ass. I love a lot of the new spells they added <3_<3

#11663459 When is the right time to invest in a Wii U?

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 03:26 AM in Wii U and Wii

Cheaper than the current bundle with both games. New Super Mario Bros U isn't a fantastic OMG ground breaking game, but it's still a pretty good one. The Luigi U game (I don't have) is just a harder version of that. Plus, it's a 2D side scrolling 'Mario' game that stars Luigi. That has to count for something


So, the bundle + good prices on DK:TF & Mario 3D World and you'll be good to go. They are putting out GBA games on the virtual console tomorrow if you care. I may pick up Advance Wars (one of my all time fav GBA games). Not to mention, May 30 is when Mario Kart 8 comes out. This is huge to me (so excited) but it may not be a big deal to you. 


Or, you can wait until E3 shows up and we can see what we'll be getting eventually. The last option (outside of just straight up not getting one) would be to wait until an official price drop happens or it has a better bundle (but not raising the price) and waiting for those to go on sale. A better bundle at a better price screams Holidays 2014, though.

#11663406 Amazon Fire TV and Game Controller available right now $99/$39

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 03:07 AM in Video Game Deals

So.. if we have a Roku, we may want this instead? Hmm. I have a Roku 2. I still have to cancel my friggin cable. It looks neat, that's for sure. I just wonder how useful it is to someone who doesn't have prime + already has methods of streaming (Use my Wii U for Netflix/Hulu+ atm, plus I have a Roku 2) + I even have an ipad mini that i don't watch netflix/hulu/anything on, but I have the option.


Maybe I'll wait until the eventual "Amazon Fire 2 TV". 
Really glad to see Amazon jump on ship with this. More competition, the better it is for all of us :D

#11663223 Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

Posted by lilboo on 03 April 2014 - 02:00 AM in Video Game Deals

I was wondering if there are games on sale @ BB if you can just PM those games at Target. That would seem more likely than PM'ing at BB.

#11648236 Wal-Mart will accept Video Game Trade-Ins starting March 26

Posted by lilboo on 28 March 2014 - 02:54 AM in Shopping Discussions

What has better trade in values overall, WM or BB?