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#12345526 Lego Batman 3 for PS4 $20 at 2nd and Charles

Posted by adamthered on 20 December 2014 - 11:02 AM in Video Game Deals

Not sure if it is at all locations but my friend in GA picked up copies for the both of us.Also not sure if this is for all platforms. If you have a 2nd and Charles nearby it might be worth checking out.

#11925800 Selling PS3 games

Posted by adamthered on 15 July 2014 - 01:22 PM in Trading

Hi there.  I am selling off the bulk of my PS3 collection.  Everything needs a new home.  All games are CIB and in great shape.  If a game came with a code, it was probably used by me. Pics available upon request.  Pay Pal preferred. Shipping in the U.S. only please.  Will be adding more PS3 games later along with PS2 and a few PS1 games. Shipping & handling is $5 per single game. Combined shipping available too.


Thanks for looking!



Assassin's Creed I, 2, 3, Brotherhood and Revelations $45 for set.

Bayonetta $10
Beyond Two Souls (unopened) $20
Blaze Blue Calamity Trigger $5

Bulletstorm Limited Edition $5

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow $15
Darksiders $10
Darksiders 2 Limited Edition $20 (buy both for $25)
Dark Void $5
God of War Origins Collection $10
God of War Collection (HD ports of GoW 1 and 2) $10
God of War 3 $10 (buy all three for $25)
Orange Box (Half Life 2 stuff, Portal, Team Fortress) $10
Prince of Persia $10
Prototype $10
Prototype 2 $10 (buy both for $15)

Remember Me $10
Resistance: Fall of Man $5
Resistance 2 $10
Resistance 3 $15 (buy all three for $25)
Soul Calibur 4 $5
Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition (Steelbook, inside clips for manuals are broken. It was purchased that way) $30
Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 $10 (buy both for $35)
Transformers War for Cybertron $10
Vanquish $10
Yakuza 3 $10

#11537587 Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu ray $29.99 Best Buy pre-order

Posted by adamthered on 18 February 2014 - 08:26 PM in Blu-ray & DVD Deals

$10 in RZ certs + $10 from a coworker for the DVDs + $10 from a friend for the digital code = GoT Blu season 3 for whatever the Hell tax was.