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#11069918 Rainbow 6 Vegas FREE on Xbox Live (9/16-9/30)

Posted by urzishra14 on 18 September 2013 - 04:17 AM in Video Game Deals

If Microsoft is going to mimic PS+ and offer free games, I think it's perfectly fair as a consumer, to make light of the fact that they're being as cheap as possible with it.

Does Sony have a much better relationship with third parties to be putting up games like Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 3, and Hitman? Or are they just putting forth a better effort to deliver their customers some value?

Just like anything, vote with your wallets. I know I am.




I honestly really hate playing games on the PS3. Because it isn't my main console, every time I turn it in on it takes hours to update. Obviously consoles need to update titles, but it just seems far more frequent on the PS3 then the Xbox.


There are aspects of all consoles that need to be worked on.


Let's face it no one here at CAG is paying full price for xbox live gold service (I regularly see deals for 35 to 40 a year, rarely do I see PS+ on sale.) so you can't compare full price to full price. 


That being said, getting a free game is cool. I personally missed out on Crackdown when it was originally released. I thought the game wasn't very good, and reminded me of Red Faction, but worse. But whatevers, I played through most of the game until it got too buggy to play. 


As for Magic. Obviously I am a fan of it. I got a copy of it provided for me before it was released and considering there was already 3 versions of the same game already that are not cross platform I marked it as a pass. But for free? It is an incredibly deep strategy game that delivers hours and hours of gameplay can't argue with that and can't argue that for nothing.