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#11639349 Shop.ca - XBONE Titanfall Bundle ~$497 Tax in and Free Ship

Posted by bcrt2000 on 25 March 2014 - 02:27 PM in Canada

We've got bundles in stock for Xbox One. There's a Play & Charge kit + extra controller bundle and a PvZ + extra controller bundle: http://www.shop.ca/c...ox-one-consoles

Also, PS4 bundles are in stock right now: http://www.shop.ca/c/sc/ps4

#11629753 CAGcast #359: Prepare for Wingfall

Posted by bcrt2000 on 21 March 2014 - 02:33 PM in CAGcast Archive

shipwreck (I see you reading this right now)-- you and the other hosts are so wrong about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. You're mainly parroting uninformed opinions on it by other people who haven't played the game.


I think you and Cheapy need to put your money where your mouth is (or "Play this bitches!") and put down $30 and play it on PS4, and then come back next week with your opinions on it.


In terms of my experience-- the main mission was about 2.5 hours long. This whole 1 hour thing is ridiculous. Maybe it was a little longer for me because I turned off Tagging and Reflex mode immediately in the options because that's not really what I want from my Metal Gear experience-- so it was probably a little harder for me to get through. My clear time said 112 minutes, but that doesn't include the 30 or so minutes that I played and died before hitting the next checkpoint in various spots nor does it include the 10 minute intro or the 10 minute outro sequences.


The whole thing about this being an FMV was also ridiculous-- as I mentioned there's an intro and a couple of outro cutscenes and that's it. This game is 95% gameplay. After you beat the Ground Zeroes mission you unlock 4 extra missions, and there's an additional 1 secret mission you get access to (on PS3/4 it's the MGS1 Deja Vu mission) by collecting the 9 XOF patches scattered around the map.


I've played 2 of the extra missions, and while they are on the same map, they are definitely different than the main mission. One of them is a pretty fun mission where you're in a helicopter chase and then get on the ground where a boss fight sort of ensues (something which isn't even in the Ground Zeroes mission). I spent close to 90 minutes playing through both of these missions.


The map is pretty dense, there's a lot of stuff to do which is why it's great to have multiple things to do on it through the different missions.


And most importantly, the gameplay mechanics are GREAT and the way this game is structured gives you a chance to experiment with the mechanics to the fullest and have a lot of fun playing around with the AI. I know if I was just dropped into Phantom Pain without a prologue like this I probably wouldn't let myself experiment with the mechanics so much and see what the different play styles I could use.


There's at least 4 solid hours of gameplay here, even going through it on normal difficulty, and only once through. And if going through it again in harder difficulties or experimenting with the sandbox appeals to you, then there's even more here.


edit: also reason why people can speed run the main mission in like 10 minutes is because once you know how to beat the game you don't have to go through the process of exploring the map to figure out what to do. You're not going to do that first time around.

#11218633 Shop.ca: 2 NEW Releases for $54 (Taxes in ~$27.00 per game tax in)

Posted by bcrt2000 on 11 November 2013 - 12:30 AM in Canada

Yeah, I have to find out what happened with Rivals and NBA 2K14. I was under the impression stock would be added on the weekend.

#11206157 PS4 w/ KILLZONE + 1 Additional Controller ($421.04 tax in)...SAVE ~...

Posted by bcrt2000 on 07 November 2013 - 10:00 PM in Canada

was a system glitch, back in stock.

#11205682 PS4 w/ KILLZONE + 1 Additional Controller ($421.04 tax in)...SAVE ~...

Posted by bcrt2000 on 07 November 2013 - 07:55 PM in Canada

BTW, COD: Ghosts is back in stock :).


And more games (like NBA, FIFA, AC4, etc) are coming in stock soon.

#11205115 PS4 w/ KILLZONE + 1 Additional Controller ($421.04 tax in)...SAVE ~...

Posted by bcrt2000 on 07 November 2013 - 05:32 PM in Canada

We're trying to get some for before the PS4 launch, but it's hard to say if we'll get them right now.

#11203731 PS4 w/ KILLZONE + 1 Additional Controller ($421.04 tax in)...SAVE ~...

Posted by bcrt2000 on 07 November 2013 - 05:19 AM in Canada

Yeah, first batch still is Nov 15 ship date. That is an entirely separate SKU in our system. Also, we will eventually be restocking the XB1 but we don't know when. I mean, the fact that our first batch ships December 1st should give you an idea of when we could even get more stock.

#11202667 PS4 w/ KILLZONE + 1 Additional Controller ($421.04 tax in)...SAVE ~...

Posted by bcrt2000 on 07 November 2013 - 01:26 AM in Canada

Full disclosure: I work for shop.ca


We're getting a new bundle in stock tomorrow: PS4 + Killzone + PS plus bundle

It should go on sale around 7:30am ET Tomorrow (Thursday). Might be a slight delay but should definitely be available before 8am.
Here's the link to the page where you'll be able to purchase it: http://www.shop.ca/c...ecember-9th-201
Ship date says December 9th, but I'm told that is really being on the safe side, and it should ship around December 3rd.
There are no cancellations on this order. 
It only comes with 1 controller.
There are also no promo codes applicable on this order. That means you can't use coupon codes like "SAVE15". But you should still be able to apply your $25 sign-up bonus, other rewards you've earned, and the $25 PayPal bonus.

#11055679 CAGcast #336: Fine Feathered Friends

Posted by bcrt2000 on 12 September 2013 - 05:38 PM in CAGcast Archive

Oh one good point people have brought up is the PS4 remote play on Vita TV. Not only that, but more than likely it will support Gaikai streaming of games from the cloud. Which means it would be able to support you playing PS4 games from the cloud.

#11055513 CAGcast #336: Fine Feathered Friends

Posted by bcrt2000 on 12 September 2013 - 04:36 PM in CAGcast Archive

You can't play any games for 100 dollars. You need a controller plus storage. You are telling me that someone who doesn't already own a PS3 would consider buying the Vita TV instead to save 50 bucks?


There are people out there who will get a shitty phone for "free" despite the fact its still tied to a 2-year contract worth $1200-$1500. People like cheap up front costs no matter how nonsensical it can be.


Ultimately they need to figure out a way for this to include a controller and maybe support other methods of storage (such as a USB drive) and still be at the price of $99 for it to be a real killer product, but I do think they are on the right track with this.

#11055501 CAGcast #336: Fine Feathered Friends

Posted by bcrt2000 on 12 September 2013 - 04:30 PM in CAGcast Archive

Well from screenshots and people who have compared them in person, the LCD screen is much less saturated and washed out. So unless devs start compensation for the color balance of the LCD, I'd say its definitely inferior.

You can't compare screens like that. There are so many factors which make screens look weird in those type of comparisons. The best way is to see it in person.


Also, just because a screen is much less saturated (even if thats true) doesn't mean its bad. Most TVs at Best Buy have their saturation cranked all the way up to look good to the untrained eye in side to side comparisons of videos of flowers, but cranking up the saturation like that makes most things look like shit. What you really want is color accuracy, and comparing the OLED next to an LCD in a photo is not the way to figure that out.

#11055150 CAGcast #336: Fine Feathered Friends

Posted by bcrt2000 on 12 September 2013 - 01:50 PM in CAGcast Archive

Wow seems like somebody pissed a little in Cheapy's cereal and a lot in Wombat's cereal before this episode was recorded.
Going back 2 episodes when they were talking about Castle of Illusion not being on PC, funny thing is that it is on PC.
About NHL 14, there aren't many major back of the box features aside from the '94 anniversary mode. But that usually is a good thing, you want them to be working on tweaking what they already made to make it better instead of making features that will end up being ripped out in a year or two. The biggest improvements outside of the on ice refinements (which seem like small things but make a big difference to the game overall IMO) are GM Connected Mode (Online Seasons) being way more usable, and the Be a Pro mode is much more fleshed out. Also, the new fighting engine plays a huge role in the Be a Pro mode. When my team is playing like shit, I'm compelled to fight to try to spark my team. And the game notices that and comments on it in the coach feedback. I also don't associate those types of fights with the players who get severe brain injuries-- those players can't play hockey and all they do is fight. 
edit: also I'm wondering what Hospitality level did you set the game to Cheapy? I'm hearing a ton about hits that are way too big and too many fights, but I don't see that while playing on All-Star mode with Hardcore Realism settings.
And no, there aren't 4 people working on the game. I think they have a team of about 70 people? Which is probably a lot less than Madden or FIFA. Maybe *some* are working on the next-gen version but I doubt it was more than a few people. Really, you'd rather have them do a conservative game like this than try to add in dumb modes like they have in the past like the heartbeat breakaway cam, or trading cards that unlock cheats.
Also Cheapy, check out the press row podcast, 2 of the last 3 or 4 episodes have interviews with the NHL 14 team and they talk about what they changed and stuff:
Also a super interesting episode from them is one where they had a guy who worked on Madden for a decade and was also the producer on Madden for 3 years. He talks about how hard it is to make sports games, and talks about the dilemma between back of the box features or real improvements to gameplay:
About the Vita Screen, I feel like theres just this massive Plasma/OLED defense force on the internet who praise these screen technologies, but in the meantime they haven't realized LCD technology has just gotten better and better. And while Plasma & OLED have burn in problems (yes there are people with Vitas who have fucking burn in), LCD has none of that. So, no, its not a shitty Vita.
Vita TV-- I had to stop before this conversation even finished because I felt it was so off. Wombat was complaining "why don't developers make these games for PS3" but the whole point of the Vita TV is that its only $100. Now mind you, it's not perfect because you really want that $100 to include a controller as well. But this is totally a pre-emptive strike against Apple TV adding games to their system. And this also is trying to attract people who wouldn't spend $200+ on a games console, but might be willing to drop $99 on one. Plus, the games here are going to be budget priced and closer to the iPad price model for games, which casual gamers are used to.