Today on CAG

Corpse Party (S) $9.99 via eShop.
Sea of Stars (PS4/PS5) $22.74 via PSN (PS Plus Price). PS Plus Extra on PSN. Game Pass via Xbox.
(PCDD) Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger $1.49 via GOG.
Red Dead Redemption (PS4) $39.99 via PSN (PS Plus Only). $34.99 via eShop. PS4 Disc $39.99 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible).
(PCDD) Comedy Night $1.74 via Steam.
AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Director's Cut (S) $14.99 via eShop.
(PCDD) Gunsmith Simulator $13.99 via Steam.
(PCDD) Red Matter $13.24 via Steam.
Toki (S) $1.99 via eShop.
(PCDD) WRC Generations $9.45 (DRM: Steam) via GamersGate w/ Code: CAG .
LeapFrog Level Up and Learn Controller $7.50 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: Contraptions Collecton (PS4) $19.99 (PS5/S) $29.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). PS4 PS5 S
Pre-Order: F1 24 (PS5/PS4/X1/X) $69.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). PS5 PS4 X1/X Best Buy.
Toy Soldiers HD (PS4) $29.99 via Woot (Amazon Prime Eligible).
Gord Deluxe Edition (PS5) $16.99 via Woot (Amazon Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: F1 24 (PS5/PS4) $69.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). PS5 PS4 Best Buy.
Pre-Order: Construction Simulator Gold Edition (X) $49.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Best Buy.
Pre-Order: F1 24 (PS5) $69.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). (PS5/PS4/X1/X) via Best Buy.
Pre-Order: OMORI Collector's Edition (S/PS4) $84 via Fangamer.
Pre-Order: Horse Club Adventures 1+2 Lakeside Collection (S) $49.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Gord Deluxe Ed. (PS5/X) $19.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). PS5 X
(PCDD) Konami Sale via GamersGate. Use Code: CAG To Save More.
(PCDD) Snacko $19.99 via Steam.
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