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#13963447 Offical Disney Movie Rewards Code Thread

Posted by tyron3biggum5 on 14 March 2018 - 03:17 AM in Blu-ray & DVD Deals

was the movie club topic deleted?
anyways, sorry if i bring that up, but it seems they may have changed their enrollment selection process. This was like my 5th time enrolling with the club. Used one of the promo codes that let you do 5 for $1 and then only 3 commitments. This offer also lets you bick a 6th title for $11.95 that counts as one of your 3 and then a 7th movie for $8.95.
anyways.......... the layout when enrolling seems different now and it doesnt let you add your 6th and 7th title till you checkout. And when you do that it gives you a selection of like 20 titles only for the 6th and 7th movie. Was a little disappointed as it seems theres no way to cancel your order once you get to the stage on if you want to add a 6th and 7th title as it gives you a timer to pick your 6th and 7th title and if you dont then you just get charged $1 for the 5 titles. I ended up getting Beauty and the Beast live action, Cars 3, The Good Dinosaur, Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Disneynature Born In China as my initial five titles. Was going to pick two other disneynature or some muppets movies as my 6th and 7th title..................but they werent part of the select titles they offered for the 6th and 7th, so just got Hocus Pocus as a 6th and just decided against a 7th since i already owned like 80% of the titles.
if this is going to be how the enrollment process is from now on Ill probbaly stop enrolling. 

Just call in to sign up. I always call in with all my selections ready to go. I usually have a couple that probably shouldn't be eligible, so I have backup choices ready too.