Today on CAG

Lords of the Fallen (PS5/X) $29.99 via GameStop. Pro Members Only. (PS5) $20 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible). Depends on Your region.
Alone in the Dark (X/PS5) $29.99 via GameStop. Pro Members Only.
Pre-Order: Metaphor: ReFantazio CE (PS5/X) $149.99 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible). PS5 X CE via Amazon (Prime Eligible). PS5 X GameStop.
Pre-Order: (PCDD) Monster Hunter Stories $26.99 (DRM: Steam) via Gamesplanet.
Pre-Order: Metaphor: ReFantazio [ATLUS Brand 35th Anniversary Edition] (Limited Edition) (JAPAN) (PS5) $137.74 (PS4) $131.09 via Play Asia w/ Code: CAGDEALS24 . USA CE $149.99 via Amazon. PS5 X
Super Mario RPG (S) $44.80 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible).
New Vegas Shirt $16 via TeePublic. Other Shirts.
OKAMI HD (S) $9.99 via eShop. PSN. Xbox. $8.24 (DRM: Steam) via Gamebillet.
(PCDD) Street Fighter 6 $32.70 via Gamebillet. Capcom Publisher Sale via Gamebillet.
Pre-Played Diablo IV (X1/X) $29.99 via Gamefly (Free Shipping). (PS4/PS5) $20 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible). Depends on Location. Game Pass via Xbox.
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (PS4) $11.99 via PSN.
Carby Slice T-Shirt $16 via TeePublic.
Pre-Order: Kingdom Come: Deliverance II (X) $69.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). (PS5/X) $69.99 via Best Buy.
Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition (PSVR 2) $13.59 via PSN.
(PCDD) Dokapon Kingdom: Connect $31 (DRM: Steam) via Gamesplanet. Spring Sale via Gamesplanet.
Resident Bright Eyes Shirt $16 via TeePublic. Other Shirts.
Resident Evil 4 (PS4/PS5) $19.99 via PSN.
Lost Judgment (PS4/PS5) $20.99 via PSN. PS Plus Extra on PSN.
LEGO Brawls (PS4) $9.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Best Buy.
Hi-Fi RUSH (PS5) $20.99 via PSN. Game Pass via Xbox.
Nitro Deck - Handheld Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED - Ergonomic Grip, No Stick Drift, Back Buttons $44.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Lightning Deal.
(PCDD) Capcom Golden week Sale via Steam.
(PCDD) The Last Spell $14.99 via Steam.
(PCDD) STEINS;GATE 0 $17.49 via Steam.
(PCDD) Lonely Mountains: Downhill $5.99 via Steam. PS Plus Extra on PSN. Game Pass via Xbox.
Mad Rat Dead (PS4) $19.99 via PSN.
Retro-Bit Tribute 64 Wired N64 Controller for Nintendo 64 - Original Port - (Atomic Purple) $18.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: PDP RIFFMASTER Wireless Guitar Controller (PS5/PS4/X1/X/PC) $129.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection (S) $19.99 via eShop.
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (S) $9.99 via eShop.
Capcom Fighting Collection (S) $19.99 via eShop.
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (S) $29.99 via eShop.
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (S) $19.99 via eShop.
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (S) $4.99 via eShop.
Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition $67.99 via Microsoft Store.
(PCDD) Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition $23.39 (DRM: Steam) via Fanatical.
Pre-Order: Metaphor: ReFantazio (PS5/X) via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Collector's Edition $149.99 PS5 X Launch Edition $69.99 PS5 X GameStop.
Diablo III Eternal Collection (S) $22.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). GameStop.
Pre-Order: Squirrel With A Gun (X) $29.99 via Best Buy. (PS5/X) $29.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Pre-Order: Nocturnal (S/PS5) $34.99 via Best Buy. Amazon (Prime Eligible). PS5 S
TEKKEN 8 (PS5) $48.99 via PSN.
Pre-Order: One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition (S) $49.99 via Best Buy.
LIVE A LIVE (PS4/PS5) $24.99 via PSN.
Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Anthology Edition (Codes in Box) - PC is in Stock $59.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
HORI Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Turbo (Black) Wired Controller Pad - Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch - OLED Model $23.70 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).
Star Wars: Heritage Pack (S) $49.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Target Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible).
Pre-Order: Potionomics Masterwork Edition – Limited Box Set (X/S) 49.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). S X (X/PS5/S) $49.99 via Best Buy. GameStop.
STAR WARS: Dark Forces Remaster (PS4/PS5) $20.99 via PSN.
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