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I was trying to figure out if directly addressing me was some sort of bait or not. I don't really have the energy anymore to devote to these arguments to figure it out, so I'll just respond quickly and you can attempt to convince me whether or not an honest discussion was to be had. I'll keep this as short as I can. I'll summarize from your last comment in blackjaw's blog. "Ambitious games....can be made with better hardware." No game this generation couldn't be replicated on previous consoles with a graphical downgrade. None. And all the arguments that supposedly support this - better AI is a good example - are bunk because all AI in all games suck. It doesn't exist. Again, Fallout 3 isn't anything that wasn't accomplished by, say, an MMO years ago on the PC. All these developers have all this grand technology, and it's like they can't figure out a single compelling thing to do with it EXCEPT make the graphics nicer, which is a great plan because it fools so many people so easily. Further, this argument is just another flavor of elitism, because it suddenly assumes you HAVE to have bullet points X Y and Z fulfilled in order for a game to be good, which [I]further[/I] implies that you suddenly couldn't enjoy a game on a previous system, no matter how good it was. It's annoying to think that there are people who would skip out on PS2 games simply because they are on PS2, as if they've magically been granted an inability to play them after booting up a PS3 for the first time. "Ambitious games can have ______" Again, none of the things you are pointing out - "unprecedented in-game activity" - couldn't be done on previous games. GTA4 is just GTA3 but prettier and with more stuff to look at, but it's largely the same game. Halo 3 is just Halo 2.5, but with more online options. These are not things the previous generation couldn't provide. So again, the notion that more power is suddenly unlocking new experiences is bunk because that's up to the developer to provide us, and those situations are extremely rare. Plus, it requires that a lot of money and research be done in ORDER to create that kind of new experience, and in the cutthroat HD world the industry is currently in, no publisher/developer is all that willing to really dump a lot of money on a risk. One of the few times where a new experience WAS crafted? he jump to 3D in the late 90s. THAT'S how big the jump as to be to be noticeable, it's just that people are so quick to assume ANYTHING is on that level. Sony telling you "real time weapons change" back in 2005 at E3? Laughable. NES games could do that. "The Wii can't do these things" Extremely debateable. Your attitude tells me you're narrow minded on the subject so I won't belabor a discussion. "Nintendo's stance on an HDD" "Where are the Wii games?" Hilarious that you're asking this as if you expect some sort of big contrary answer. "Smash Bros sucks." Sigh. I really hate passing off subjective nonsense as fact, especially when a quick look at the link provided looks like a blowhard trying WAY too intensely to make the relatively minute point of "I don't like this game." There's allusions to Bioshock and Sopranos....why, exactly? For fun? "I need to address the state of what is the first place console." Really? You [I]do?[/I] That's exactly what you DON'T have to do, especially when it's pretty clear that the fanboy mentality is prevalent in the "hardcore" gaming community AND in the developer community. If the devs agree with that same minority, and then purposely CATER to that minority, and aggressively convince themselves that they are all doing the right thing, then you're in no danger. And since that is the case, why not just be content in knowing your opinion is the hot topic of the day, that you're going to get pandered to left and right by the big boys, and leave "the console numero uno" out of your mind entirely? Dredging up a bunch of stupid fanboy bullshit about it doesn't make you look cool - it just builds up a false sense of security in the midst of trying to justify why you're so mad a tiny console is selling twice as good as the other two [I]combined.[/I] Think of it like this: If the Wii is so wrong and so bad and so fickle and so poor, it'll die off on its own. And when that happens, you can dance on the grave. Being a fanboy about it now just makes you look silly, save for the fact that - again - everyone on these boards are just going to blindly agree. Entire point: There's no damn reason for these discussions. None. No one is going to change their mind, and the mob mentality is retarded. Instead, people should just go on their own manner, especially when there's absolutely no evidence that the current situation is as worrisome as people would desperately like to believe.
Feb 07 2009 05:00 PM