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DLC is a tinged word, but additional content like LBP user-created content, while doable in many Wii games, hasn't taken off for one reason or another. When it takes off, like in LBP, people are running into problems of too much -- community objects filling profiles and such -- so imagine how much sooner that wall would have been hit on something as weak as a Wii... Those last-gen limitations aren't helping give that class of games what they want. Considering Smooth Moves to be the apex of Wii motion controls is hardly pretentious. We agree that it's doubtful that motion controls can be pushed much further as things stand, and the micro-games in WarioWare was the last time I thought they made sense. Unfortunately, the game has no depth or replay value, and marrying the two is a task few are capable of. It doesn't matter whether Smash Bros fans claim Brawl isn't worthy, because people still bought it. It is clear that Nintendo is quite satisfied leaving it at that, and they continue to deliver the bare minimum passable. They are selling to addicts and those casuals who lived in caves, video game-wise. As blackjaw said, why should devs bother trying to compete in a market saturated to appeal to those people? Assuming devs do make solid but non-innovative games, was it really worth $250 and grief to get essentially the same thing we've been playing for years? Without the gimmickry, the Wii is a dead-end.
Feb 07 2009 11:13 PM