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You're adding a new product to the database. If you're resubmitting a product that's already in the database, you may be blocked from submitting new games to the database in the future.

The Basics

Here's where you can make changes to the data we have for this product. Remember:
  • We're looking for product names exactly as they're used on the product packaging, or in press releases. If the two differ, use the press release format.
  • If you're submitting a UPC or EAN number, check to make sure it's for the correct product. You can do this at www.upcdatabase.com or www.ean-search.org.
  • Most products in the database are associated with a single platform. If a product is associated with multiple platforms, choose the most prevalent one. (For example, Diablo III for PC is also supported on Mac - in this case, PC would be the chosen platform.)
  • You are submitting changes for the product record in the database, not just your own personal entry. For the sanity of the community, people who don't understand this may be blocked from making further edits.
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Products can be tagged to help users find products.
  • You can't submit your own tags, instead you must choose from a pre-approved list.
  • Some tags are only available to products that belong to a certain platform.
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