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25 Jan 2011
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Incredible Graphics

This game's graphics are technically impressive.


This game has a unique or visually distinctive style.


This game is hard to put down.
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Adding DLC for Dead Space 2 (PC)

REMEMBER: We consider DLC anything that can be bought or redeemed to expand a game's content. That includes season passes, despite those being a group of DLC releases.

The Basics

Here's where you can make changes to the data we have for this DLC. Remember:
  • It has to be add-on content. Digital releases of full games wouldn't be considered DLC.
  • We just want the name of the DLC, not including the name of the parent game. E.g. "Season Pass", not "Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass".
DLC Name


It's worth leaving a comment explaining the reason for your changes. Don't forget:
  • Anyone will be able to review your changes and provide input.
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