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05 Nov 2007
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Reviewing: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS)

How to Review

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This game is hard to put down.

Great Story

This game's story is a significant part of its appeal.


This game does a lot of things that you won't see anywhere else.

Worthwhile Multiplayer

This game's multiplayer should not be missed.

Multiplayer Shit Show

This game's online features are buggy, broken, unreliable, or generally shitty.

More of the Same

This game is highly derivative of other games in the same series, or other games in the genre. It does nothing new.


This game left you unsatisfied on completion.


Incredible Graphics

This game's graphics are technically impressive.


This game has a unique or visually distinctive style.

Shitty Framerate

This game's shitty framerate impacts playability.


Original Soundtrack

This game has noteworthy original music.


So Much Content

This game has a lot of original content.

DLC Awesomeness

This game has been well supported by its developers after release with high quality DLC.

DLC Shit Show

This game's DLC strategy significantly lessens the enjoyment of the retail game.