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Rare PS2 Games at EB/Gamestop in Issaquah/Sammamish

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Posted 21 September 2007 - 12:46 AM

I know that EB/GS prices their rare games pretty much the same as what it would cost you to go on ebay, but if you can find things in-store you save on shipping (and tax if you have credit).

Anyway, I've noticed in hitting the stores in the Seattle area that the Issaquah and especially Sammamish stores tend to have some pretty rare games in stock for PS2. As of yesterday, Issaquah had a Futurama ($39.99), Katamari Damacy ($29.99) and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 ($39.99) in stock. Sammamish had a Futurama ($39.99), Katamari Damacy ($29.99) and Gitaroo Man ($39.99) in stock. None of them great deals necessarily, but with the various coupons out right now (10% or $5 off used) these could be worth the trip for someone who has been searching.

Of course, if you want to risk it these are occasionally in stock on their website and you can use the AFF25 coupon for 25% off, but seeing as these tend to be collector-type games I don't imagine many will go that route.
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