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Wal-mart B&M DS 2 pack: My Word Coach & Brain Challenge for $24.95

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Posted 27 December 2008 - 02:55 PM

Found this as a two pack together buried at the bottom & back of the DS game's shelf at my local Wal-mart. They had several but these were the only two DS games packaged like this. They were individually shrinkwrapped like normal and then also shrinkwrapped side by side with a red sticker saying $24.95 (or 24.98 can't remember which) on it in the center of the two.

I inquired about other titles but was told that they were the only DS bundles they had like that (at this particular Wal-mart).

Thought it was a pretty good deal for $12.50 each since My Word Coach is usually $29.99 everywhere I see it and Brain Challenge is $15 to $20.

Post if you find any other sets like this. I may have to check out some different Wal-marts for different titles. It's probably some kind of promo for Ubisoft since both of these games are produced by them.