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Has anyone else seen this yet?

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 07:53 AM


yeah, sitting in some chat room and someone links this randomly..at the time it only had around 30 or so views so i don't think any Media has a hold of it yet.

so its suppose to be Leaked footage of GTA5, that was supposedly "obtained from a thumb drive at CES '12. It was found in a lost briefcase that was never claimed" id imagine if this is real it will be taken down by the end of the day.

Also, my heart gos out to the poor guy who could get fired for losing the thumb drive.

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 04:20 PM


First off, the premise is ridiculous since Rockstar doesn't go to CES and they wouldn't keep handycam footage of their game on a thumb drive in a briefcase.

You read it. You can't unread it.


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Posted 15 March 2012 - 01:18 PM

Not to mention the city rendered is Dubai, and it's running on windows.