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  • Black Friday insanity looms large and, unfortunately, I'm fighting a cold. This makes both me and my Retail Overlords very nervous.
    Hey, I am from That Gaming Site dot com and you won that Ninja Town competition. I guess you never checked your inbox on the site. But contact me with the address you want me to send the prize to.
    email: [email protected]
    Yeah, that's my car, its a 2006 Charger, standard 3.5 liter. So far the car's been great, I love it. First new Car I bought! Damn you got yours for free!!!!!!! I have to use my personal car for work, and just get paid mileage... big time B.S.
    also where do you get your EDB/EBM/darkwave stuff? i can only find them on their prices are bit do you know a cheaper place?
    You, sir, are technically correct. Except in the case where it's a noun, according to the American Heritage Dictionary
    1. The most dedicated, unfailingly loyal faction of a group or organization: the hardcore of the separatist movement.
    2. An intractable core or nucleus of a society, especially one that is stubbornly resistant to improvement or change.
    3. often hardcore (härd'kôr', -kōr') A form of exceptionally harsh punk rock.

    And we both know it's colloquially used to mean hardcore gamer in the circle this website is devoted to.
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