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  1. alonzomourning23

    Massachusetts' Cheap Ass Gamers Topic!

    what the hell, they had no odama or fire emblem when I was there. And I'd hate driving all the way back into boston only to find out they're sold out. A real possibility since I can't go until thursday or friday.
  2. alonzomourning23

    Massachusetts' Cheap Ass Gamers Topic!

    Picked up the guy game (xbox) and nba street v3 (gamecube) for $5 each. Got the lotr return of the king box for $15, no idea why it was that cheap since the sticker said 80 and 50% off would be $40. Also picked up a couple cd's for half price. One odd thing that happened was, after purchasing...
  3. alonzomourning23

    Free documentary or book on Muhammad

    Ran across this and thought it was a good deal. The DVD is a PBS documentary (link) and got good reviews. There's also a 13 minute clip available on the website. It seems pretty good if you want to better understand the islamic view of Muhammad. The book got excellent reviews on amazon (link) as...
  4. alonzomourning23

    double post

    double post
  5. alonzomourning23

    Muslims possibly facing extra checks when traveling

    If that was the main issue then they'd be going after countries like Sweden. The issue is, and has always been, the relation between us and the middle east and muslims. They don't get recruits simply because of our morality in our own country.
  6. alonzomourning23

    Desperate embassy gunman captured,21598,20323599-950,00.html This seems to happen a lot. Someone helps Israel, Israel takes the info and says fuck you. If someone is going to be a traitor, the least Israel (or any country) could do is try to keep the guy safe.
  7. alonzomourning23

    Does incense have the same effect as cigarette smoke?

    I know cigarette smoke can damage the appearance of some games and consoles, particularly older ones. But is this due to smoke in general or just something in cigarettes? Would incense have the same effect? I burn a lot of incense and would hate having my nes, snes etc. turn yellow.
  8. alonzomourning23

    Athlon 64 Venice 3500 processor

    I'm interested in selling this but am not entirely sure. Debating whether I should upgrade to a dual core. Anyone interested in purchasing this and, if so, at what price? I've only had it for a month and a half, and it's never been overclocked. I still have all the packaging.
  9. alonzomourning23

    help me pick a furry friend :-D! (a pet!) (a non-sex topic!)

    Rats are very intelligent (many studies rank them at the level of dogs). They bond with people (some they like better than others), and they will run over to the side of the cage when they see you and try to get your attention. They can learn their names and various tricks. They also don't run...
  10. alonzomourning23

    Xion II pc case cheap? Those two types or something similar I'm looking for. It's a long shot, but I want to pay 40 shipped. I figure that I'd need some coupon or something to even have a...
  11. alonzomourning23

    want cheap 2gb microsd/transflash card

    Anyone know a site where I can get this for cheap? Someone told me they got one for around 60 bucks from some site, but I forgot to give them my e-mail to send me the link and I won't see them again for another week. Was hoping to order it asap.
  12. alonzomourning23


    I got hit with viruses recently. Ran spybot search and destroy, spy subtract, ewido, avg free, mcafee and adaware. Got a bunch of stuff, but something was untouched by all of those since some of the stuff kept reappearing. While your problem does sound odd (seems strange it does that only after...
  13. alonzomourning23

    Isreals media blitzkrieg!

    Well, should the u.n. be able to vote to make california an independent Hispanic state? And, if they did and someone actually tried to enforce it, what would the response be? And would the response be considered unprovoked?
  14. alonzomourning23

    Wester Digital External Harddrive says that only has 232 gb total but....

    I have a 250gb hard drive and it says the same thing. As others said, that's what it's supposed to say.
  15. alonzomourning23

    XP bootup major prob

    Do not reformat until you try this. Run the windows cd on startup (go into bios and change boot from hard drive to cd). After loading a menu will come up giving you the choice of a repair install or to do a new installation. Choose the new install. After going through one of those "I agree"...
  16. alonzomourning23

    Isreals media blitzkrieg!

    That's a perfect example of opposing sides. One side would view the formation of Israel as the punch, the other would view the attack as the punch.
  17. alonzomourning23

    High quality space wallpapers

    15-1064 is for the single link and 15-1063 is for the dual link. I work at radioshack and after buying the dual link I checked at work and there were a lot of them in stores. It was also listed online as "in store only". When I got my monitor a few days later I realized that the dual link didn't...
  18. alonzomourning23

    Minor Moral Dilemma

    I think you should do whatever you will feel better with. As long as you honestly believed it would cost 500 then I see no problem. But if giving them the 150 will make you feel better then just do that.
  19. alonzomourning23

    High quality space wallpapers

    I just got a new LCD monitor and I walked into radioshack and found a $110 DVI-D cable clearanced for 7 bucks. I'm not a pc gamer and I don't watch movies on my pc, so it's kinda useless to me, but for 7 bucks I figured it was worth it. So I now have a digital connection. The picture quality is...
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